Start of the Season 2016

Hello KVKL Nation,

I am looking forward to another fun-filled season and the honor as serving as your commissioner again this year.  The KVKL Board has been working hard to both keep this well oiled machine running and to come…

New year, new....

The calendar is about to flip over to a new year, and that always brings a bit of change. 

We are saying goodbye to Mick Cotton as a Board member but he will still be the champion of "Most fun wins". 
In his place we welcome Ben Hutnick from Red Lyon. 
Diana Garcia will be the commish for her 2nd time, proving again and again that she is a great leader…

2015 KVKL Fall Classic - Sign Up Today!

Our final sanctioned event of the 2015 season is happening Sunday Sept. 20 beginning at 12pm at Holcom.
Read more | Sep 14, 2015

Tournament Update

It has come to our attention that Channel 6 used the Emergency Play Act incorrectly, resulting in an illegal lineup in their first game of the playoffs.

Therefore that game is considered a forfeit, resulting in the second round game to be a bye for the next round team. In this case that is the Woost. They will be playing vs the Rockets in the 3rd round game of the KVKL tournament.


Cougar's Regular Season RPI

These are the KVKL RPI (Ratings Percentage Index) Standings. For an explanation of what is the RPI, please refer to my blog at with a reference from

Giving back.

Every year the KVKL likes to give back as much as we can to the town we love. We are so thankful to  Read more | Jul 29, 2015

Tie-Breakers From Divisions to Rank Pools

Hi All,

There have been a few questions about how the tie-breakers work when teams are placed from divisions into rank pools. Here is a breakdown with examples from this season:

The order of the tie-breakers is first Overall Division Records, then Head-to-Head (between tied teams), then Runs Allowed (between tied teams), then Runs Scored (between tied teams). Notes: I have never…


A closer look at the KVKL rules under C-TEAMS.

Rain Rain Go Away!

Hey there sports fans. 

(updated June 18th)
This rain has been making our normal happy summer very challenging. We got late notice from the City that we could use a few fields that we previously could not for…


Hello Captains and KVKLers, 

The city has informed us that there will be a minor field change this Sunday, June 7th.

If you were playing at Field 1, you will now be playing at Field 3.

If you were playing at Field 2, you will now be playing at Field 4.

These fields are located in the same area at the Youth Sports…

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