Playoffs Week 2

Start Time

We are starting at 4pm this week in order to fit all of the games in. Be ready to play at 4pm and after, so we can start all of the games on time.

Volunteer Refs

We need several more volunteer refs for the upcoming games at Holcom, Lyons, and Hobbs. So, please volunteer and ask your teammates to volunteer. Even if you are still playing, please let me know if…

2014 Playoffs (REVISED 8-12-14)

REVISED - 8/12/14

The regular season is over and now it is time for playoffs. As long as the rain stays away, the playoff will take place over 2 weeks. Look over the Playoff Bracket (and alternate

Cougar's KVKL RPI Standings: Week 10

These are the KVKL RPI (Ratings Percentage Index) Standings. For an explanation of what is the RPI, please refer to my blog at with a reference from

Cougar's KVKL RPI Standings: Week 9

These are the KVKL RPI (Ratings Percentage Index) Standings. For an explanation of what is the RPI, please refer to my blog at with a reference from

Podcast Live!

The Championship Podcasts will happen live at The Jazzhaus of Lawrence

Tuesday Boozeday $1.50 almost anything drinks. 

Join us!

Put your Bid in to be the Sponsor of this…

3rd Annual Girl on Girl Clinic

This is an opportunity for the women of the league to come out and learn a few extra things from the captains and kickball heads of the KVKL. A select group of captains and top-notch players will be on hand to demonstrate a few methods that can tighten up you game and give you a bit of insight about the game of kickball. There will be something for players…

Is Your Team Ready for Opening Day?

Everything you need to know for opening day of kickball.

Updated Spring Charity Tournament - May 4th

Hi All,

Check out this updated bracket for the Charity Tournament, May 4th at Holcom. Click here to view the bracket. Note that games are starting at 12 Noon, teams and refs please be on-time. Review the reffing information on the PDF. There is one team that we are still waiting on to hear if they can play and…

Rescheduled Spring Tournament, May 4th and Captain's Meeting, April 29th Reminder

Hi All,

Unfortunately last weekend's tournament plans were a bust. But, thanks to the Parks & Rec department's gracious re-arrangement, we have been able to get all of the kickball fields out at Holcom to be able to reschedule the tournament for this Sunday, May 4th.

We already have scheduled the Ref. Clinic for 4pm and that will…

Bracket - 2014 Charity Tournament

Hello Kickballers,

Please click here to view the 2014 Spring Tournament bracket at Holcom fields starting at 1pm.
Notice that each game has a number that cooresponds to the field and time at the top right.

Rules and Game Length


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