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All 2013 teams are back for 2014

2014 Spring Charity Tournament

Sign-up for the 2014 Spring Charity Tournament

Sunday April 27th
HOLCOM sports complex
1pm – 9pm

$100 to enter per team. 

First 16 teams to sign up and pay get in. Double Elimination tourney.


2014 Team Registration is now open!

Hello KVKL!

Registration is now open for the 2014 KVKL Season!

Please visit the Team Registration page here:

Get Your KVKL Holiday Gifts

Lots of great stuff is available for your friends, family, and teammates!

thanks 2013

feel that chill in the air?  that means the KVKL board has met and is already getting ready for the next warm spring day when we can begin again on sundays playing our favorite of kickball.  many congratulations to abraxas winning the coveted KVKL cup and to all the other fine teams who participated in the KVKL classic this fall.  running the KVKL this summer was a breeze and i want to thank all…

KVKL - fall classic - 2013

good evening KVKL family -

Our final sanctioned event of the 2013 season is happening this sunday sept. 22 beginning at 1pm at Holcom.  Here is the bracket breakdown for the 14 teams that have signed up for this years tournament.  Looks like there are plenty of unique "themed" teams this year, so it will be…

KVKL - It's not over just yet, we promise

Hello KVKL family –

Many congratulations to Abraxas: death and taxes for winning the 2013 KVKL championship.  Hopefully you can find a suitable home to display your championship trophy (that is if you can peel it out of Hannah Blodgetts hands).  Although they didn’t win, big props to Happy Shirt for again making it to another KVKL finale, as much as I hate to say it, your team is always…

and to the 2013 KVKL champions comes this additional prize

from the most fantastic matt from corksuckers (and odells) -

Hello KVKLer’s,

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is upon us, as the greatest tournament created by Man will finally unfold in the weeks…

Tournament Player Eligibility

Hello KVKL!

Here are the spreadsheets for each team's player eligibility for the tournament. View Google Spreadsheet (or find the link on the League Information page).

Remember that your…

Final Reg Season Rankings and Tiers

Below is your weekly dose of KVKL power rankings. The teams are further roughly grouped into competitive tiers. These tiers represent competitiveness if we were to play 7 game series. Remember, these rankings don’t mean squat, but sure are fun.

First<<1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10>>Last

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