Broken Arrow Park


(Information from the Lawrence Parks and Rec. Dept.)


The Department of the Interior donated this 20-acre park in 1961 to the City, School District, County and Township as part of a parcel of land.

The Haskell Institute (now known as Haskell Indian Nations University) held a contest for the park's name in 1959, and Devore Thompson, a student at the school, won with his naming proposal of Broken Arrow. His entry essay described how the broken arrow stood for a symbol of peace, which the City deemed an appropriate name for the new park. Thompson won $50 for his first-prize entry. 


Broken Arrow Park, located at 31st and Louisiana streets, is a heavily used park with many purposes. Besides the traditional picnic area usage, the park features 16 lighted, state-of-the-art horseshoe courts, which are available for recreational use. The Lawrence Horseshoe Club conducts numerous tournaments at this facility including the Kansas State Pitching Championships. Broken Arrow Park also has three fields used for softball and baseball.

Group events are often held in the spacious park. On the County side of the park, near 31st Street, there is additional area that is used for mud volleyball and team sports.

Broken Arrow Elementary and South Junior High schools border the park to the North.

The City of Lawrence's Parks and Recreation Department entered an agreement in 2002 with Douglas County to maintain the entire park, which includes mowing and other maintenance of the entire park and its facilities. 

The amenities of the park include:


There are 3 shelters located in Broken Arrow Park. One of the shelters can be reserved through the Parks and Recreation Department. Its capacity is 100-120 individuals.

The amenities of the shelter include: