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Staci Hendrickson
Past Playing Experience: I haven't played since my PE days. But I am in decent shape and like being part of a team and having fun. I played all sorts of sports in my younger days (I'm in the over 40 crowd now).
References: I work with Christine Kosirog and she says this is a blast.

Katie McCurry
Past Playing Experience: KC teams (KC Crew and AAFKC leagues), usually at second or outfield but I'm flexible. Love the game and am pretty darn competitive.
References: Meredith Tack-Guy, Patrick Guy
Other Information: Hope I'm not too late – have always wanted to play KVKL but didn't have a full team to register. I'm a cyclist, pretty athletic, did I mention competitive, and love to have fun. Let me know if you need an extra player, fb message works great.

Sydney Sloan
Past Playing Experience: I played the past two summers and one fall season with Jazzhaus. Positions played were 2B, Pitcher, and LF. I held the highest "kicking" percentage on the team last summer and my on base percentage was something close to .1000. I love getting into the action of the games and would love to continue to play this summer. Age 22, 5'4", athletic build.
References: If you play kickball and/or dodgeball, I've probably met you.

Terri wilson
Past Playing Experience: I've played on city league for over 8 years.Ready to experience something better.i was on KB all stars.
References: Brian IronWhiteman cuinn breeze Matt Crossgrove
Other Information: I've pitched played first second and short I play hard.

Aaron Wray
Past Playing Experience: I've been around the world playing Kickball. I've played with the legendary Marcus Drabble. Thomas Ritter and I email each other every other week. I am dead inside to everything else in life. Put me in the game coach...
References: Tommy Churns (Churn and Burn) Mike Coils (The Groin Grinder) Ashley "Homicide" Holmes
Other Information: Have you ever stood in front of a man ready to wet himself on the spot if it helped his team win? I'm 6'4 and packin heat in the basement. I installed a urinal in the bathroom at my apartment complex....without permission. I'm a freakin boss. I'm 29 and have the kind of sex appeal that makes women need regular chiropractor appointments. In closing...I have come to be your kickball gallant into the next decade and beyond.

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