Kaw Valley Kickball League
Weekly Podcast

Listen Live, Tuedays at 8pm-ish
and in person at the Jazzhaus


Playoffs Week 2 (Aug. 15th) — Sponsored by Up to Eleven Productions

Playoffs Week 1 (Aug. 8th) — Sponsored by Happy Shirt Printing

Cougar After Dark (Aug. 1st) — Sponsored by Red Lyon Tavern

Week 10 (Aug. 1st) — Sponsored by Nicholas Learner at McGrew Real Estate

Week 9 (July 25th) — Sponsored by Wildman Vintage

Week 8 (July 18th) — Sponsored by The Law office of John Frydman

Week 7 (July 11th) — Sponsored by Grandstand Glassware

Week 6 (July 5th) — Sponsored by Up to Eleven Productions

Week 5 (June 27th) — Sponsored by Sano Massage

Week 4 (June 20th) — Sponsored by The Get Up Kids

Week 3 (June 13th) — Sponsored by Cork & Barrel

Week 2 (June 6th) — Sponsored by Odell Brewing Co.

Week 1 (May 23rd) — Sponsored by Pawsh Wash

Week 0 (pre-season May 16th) — Sponsored by The Jazzhaus


Playoffs Week 3 - Championship (August 30th) — Sponsored by The Jazzhaus

Playoffs Week 2 (August 23rd) — Sponsored by Ladybird Diner

Playoffs Week 1 (August 16th) — Sponsored by Static Hair Salon

Cougar After Dark - Playoff Preview (August 9th) — Sponsored by Happy Shirt Printing Company

Weeks 9 and 10 (August 9th) — Sponsored by Red Lyon Tavern

Week 8 (August 2nd) — Sponsored by Body Specific

Week 7 (July 26th) — Sponsored by Wildman Vintage

Week 6 (July 19th)

Week 5 - All Ladies Podcast (July 13th) — Sponsored by Up to Eleven Productions

Week 5 (July 12th) — Sponsored by Sano Massage + Wellness

Week 4 (June 28th) — Sponsored by John Frydman | Frydman Criminal Defense

Week 3 (June 21st) — Sponsored by Cork & Barrel

Week 2 (June 14th) — Sponsored by Pawsh Wash

Week 1 (June 7th) — Sponsored by Nicholas Lerner, Tech-Savvy Realtor

Week 0 (pre-season, May 31st) — Sponsored by The Jazzhaus