June 19th

Holcom Blue at 5:00pm
Nick Lerner's "Homies" 2
at Leeway Franks 6
 3rd out in the 5th was for Adam, not Austin. Homies had solid defense in 7th, Vollay(??) to Rove(??) - then double play to get runner at 1 out. 

Holcom Blue at 7:00pm
Rats 20
at Grandstand Glasskickers 3
 Derrick (Grandstand) hurt in 6th inning. 

Edgewood East (Higher) at 5:00pm
Brewballers 7
at Channel 6 30

Edgewood East (Higher) at 7:00pm
Ladybird Harpies 2
at Muddy Waters Studio 6
 Harpies had a double-play in 3rd and 5th. Television's Mike Anderson names Sidney (Harpies) the MVP. She kicked 1,000 in my heart. Great attitude. Eli (Muddy Waters) wins my (Mike Anderson) award for best hair. 

Holcom Left at 5:00pm
Jazzhaus 9
at Where's My Pitches 5

Holcom Left at 7:00pm
Rockets 8
at Los Matadores 5

Holcom Right at 5:00pm
Liberty Hall Late Fees 0
at Wildman Attack Force 21

Holcom Right at 7:00pm
Red Legs 4
at Das Boot 1

Holcom Gold at 5:00pm
Red Lyon 18
at Corksuckers 7

Holcom Gold at 7:00pm
Kansas Tree Care 7
at Pawsh Wash 2
 Frank (Pawsh Wash) thrown out at Home on HR attempt in bottom of the 1st. 

Holcom Red at 5:00pm
Screamers 1
at Merchants of Death 7

Holcom Red at 7:00pm
Bad News Bagels 1
at Sacred Sword 34
 Run Rule after top of the 6th. 

Woodlawn Elementary at 5:00pm
Chalmersiz 5
at Goats 9

Woodlawn Elementary at 7:00pm
Love Garden Squids 17
at Johnny's Tavern 3

South Park at 5:00pm
Repetition Coffee 1
at Free State Growlers 36
 Lots of notes... 

South Park at 7:00pm
Ghosts 20
at Leafy Greens 3

Hobbs Park at 7:00pm
Happy Shirt 15
at AsteroidHEAD 1

Hobbs Park at 9:00pm
Hurtz Donut D-Holes 12
at Woost 8