Kaw Valley Kickball League
2017 Week 4 - June 18th

Holcom Blue at 5pm

Muddy Waters Studio 26
at Brewballers 4

Alex Fox fouled out.

Holcom Blue at 6:30pm

Kansas Tree Care 29
at Grandstand Glasskickers 4

Holcom Blue at 8pm

Repetition Coffee 7
at AsteroidHEAD 9

Derrick out at home in the 5th with a slide (Maximum Effort!). Barbara fouled out in the 7th. Jess left 1st base early & was called out after time in the 9th, & 3 runs were pulled. Clint with a walk-off 2-run kick in the 9th.

Holcom Gold at 5pm

Flying Hellfish 23
at Johnny's Tavern 4

Hellfish girls are amazing!!! Mercy rule after 8 innings. Johnny's played with 9.

Holcom Gold at 6:30pm

Ladybird Harpies 1
at Red Legs 19

Holcom Gold at 8pm

Channel 6 15
at Jazzhaus 1

Janne had a great catch at 2nd that Mike tried to steal. Great catch lady!

Holcom Red at 5pm

Free State Growlers 13
at Happy Shirt 16

Holcom Red at 6:30pm

Sacred Sword 7
at Rockets 8

Holcom Red at 8pm

Screamers 3
at Corksuckers 7

Broken Arrow Park at 5pm

Love Garden Squids 18
at Nick Lerner's "Homies" 1

Broken Arrow Park at 7pm

Leafy Greens 0
at Wildman Attack Force 27

23 of Leafy's 27 outs, including every out until a foul-out to end the 7th inning, were fly-outs. Every Wildman scored in the 2nd inning except for Josh, who accounted for 2 of the 3 outs in the inning.

Holcom Left at 5pm

Leeway Franks 6
at Los Matadores 9

Los Mats played with ELEVEN PEOPLE!

Holcom Left at 7pm

Woost 4
at Hurtz Donut D-Holes 8

Holcom Right at 5pm

Chalmersiz 26
at Where's My Pitches 6

Holcom Right at 7pm

Liberty Hall Late Fees 4
at Rats 7

Hobbs Park at 6:30pm

Double Meat 8
at Ghosts 6

Double Meat scored 2 in the top of the 10th inning & held for the win. James left 3rd base early on a tag up in the 4th inning and was put out, then left 1st base early in the 9th inning & was called out. Chabe left 1st base early in the 10th inning. "Do it for your kids James!" ~ "I don't like them!"

Hobbs Park at 8pm

Red Lyon 8
at Pawsh Wash 3

Chris (Lyon) was injured in the 1st inning. Chris (Pawsh) with a big boot in the bottom of the 5th inning, which Joey dropped in left resulting in a double, but was put out @ home while sliding in.

Hobbs Park at 9:30pm

Goats 17
at ReBoot 6

Goats flip reversible uniforms on defense in the 1st and 7th innings. Cougar's scorekeeping method is geometrically efficient yet unsightly.