Kaw Valley Kickball League
2017 Week 5 - June 25th

Edgewood East (Higher) at 5pm

Leafy Greens 1
at Sacred Sword 12

Edgewood East (Higher) at 7pm

Woost 6
at Nick Lerner's "Homies" 1

South Park at 5pm

AsteroidHEAD 3
at Johnny's Tavern 9

Lauren left the game with an injury

South Park at 7pm

Double Meat 2
at Hurtz Donut D-Holes 13

Water Tower Park at 5pm

Grandstand Glasskickers 8
at Ladybird Harpies 16

Grant blasted a ball into a tree, & it loves its new life with the birds. Josh's home run in the bottom of the 8th was the biggest kick of the game! Best team pot-lucks: Harpy sangria & Grandstand food. Sophie's last game before D.C. - got tripped & fingers stepped on; we love her but rough send-off!

Water Tower Park at 7pm

Pawsh Wash 1
at Chalmersiz 7

Great catch by Betsy! Nice fingers Morgan! Diving catch by Morgan! Totally lady-crushing on Morgan!

Broken Arrow Park at 5pm

Los Matadores 4
at Jazzhaus 6

Broken Arrow Park at 6:30pm

Rats 6
at Red Lyon 9

Broken Arrow Park at 8pm

Wildman Attack Force 9
at Goats 2

Avery injured in 5th inning (knee). CJ doubled up Fyler in the 5th.

Lyons East at 5pm

Happy Shirt 17
at Flying Hellfish 1

Lyons East at 6:30pm

Ghosts 2
at Love Garden Squids 11

Lyons East at 8pm

Free State Growlers 17
at Repetition Coffee 4

Debate occurred on yellow versus green ball. Yellow won.

Lyons West at 5pm

Red Legs 11
at Corksuckers 6

Lyons West at 6:30pm

Rockets 1
at ReBoot 3

Lyons West at 8pm

Brewballers 3
at Leeway Franks 12

Hobbs Park at 5:30pm

Kansas Tree Care 7
at Screamers 0

Hobbs Park at 7:30pm

Where's My Pitches 9
at Liberty Hall Late Fees 8

Hobbs Park at 9:30pm

Muddy Waters Studio 9
at Channel 6 11

Trey was very mean. I am a volunteer.