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Upcoming Games

Week 2 - June 4th

GOTW Cleanup Teams (Goats, Happy Shirt, Kansas Tree Care, Los Matadores)

Week 3 - June 11th

GOTW Cleanup Teams (Free State Growlers, Pawsh Wash, ReBoot, Screamers)

Week 4 - June 18th

GOTW Cleanup Teams (Flying Hellfish, Ghosts, Ladybird Harpies, Red Lyon)

Week 5 - June 25th

GOTW Cleanup Teams (AsteroidHEAD, Leeway Franks, Sacred Sword)

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Week 1 Podcast

2017 Week 1 Games Podcast recorded at The Jazzhaus on May 23rd.

Updated Rules

Rules changes are marked in bold.

Latest Blog Posts

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2017 Commish Post
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2017 Dates and Information
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Kaw Valley Kickball @KVKL
Incase you missed it. Girls Rock Lawrence helped with opening day! They sang the national anthem and we were able... https://t.co/qItWnWXuJh
Kaw Valley Kickball @KVKL
Reminders for the start of season plus a link to the Ref Quiz and a couple rule language corrections:... https://t.co/kFwNgOVEnV
Kaw Valley Kickball @KVKL
2017 Commish Post https://t.co/M2ddNaF1KH

Upcoming Events

Week 2 - June 4th
Sunday, June 4th at 5:00pm - 11:30pm
Game of the Week (9pm at Hobbs): Jazzhaus @ Leeway Franks
Week 3 - June 11th
Sunday, June 11th at 5:00pm - 11:30pm
Game of the Week (9pm at Hobbs): Nick Lerner's "Homies" @ Double Meat
Week 4 - June 18th
Sunday, June 18th at 5:00pm - 11:30pm
Game of the Week (9pm at Hobbs): Goats @ ReBoot