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Kaw Valley Kickball @KVKL
2 days and 2 spots left. Please sign up asap if you want to play! https://t.co/jfz8tJUEFK

Kaw Valley Kickball @KVKL
these two make our league great. Thanks for running the podcast @FakeCougar thanks for djing #summerofjoel #kvkl https://t.co/LCM1TltYEh

Kaw Valley Kickball @KVKL
You can find tonight's Championship podcast, as well as, all of the the other podcasts from this season and their... https://t.co/POGSiGMHX7

Eric Frye @fryediddy
RT @fryediddy: Hard to believe the season is over. #Kvkl #championship #scoreboard #lawrenceks #lfk @kvkl… https://t.co/WY6HrpgbZr

Kaw Valley Kickball @KVKL
high fives for @HappyShirtPrint three time winner of kvkl championship cup. great performance by both teams. https://t.co/70Ogj3z3JU

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