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20 questions total, 15 of them need to be answered correctly to pass.
Feel free to take the test as many times as you like in order to pass, each time you take the test the 20 questions will be randomized.
Hints reference sections of the Rules.

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1. How many players of each gender must be available to play before the start of a regular season game, and what is the only reason that a game can continue without that number of players of each gender?Deselect Answer

2. Runner on third. A line drive is kicked and batted in the air by the 3rd baseman. Runner then leaves the base and heads home. Ball is caught in the air by the rover who then touches 3rd base. Is the runner out?Deselect Answer
3. Player L is on 2nd base with 1 out and no other runners on base. A line drive hits Player L while they remain stationary on the base. Is Player L out?Deselect Answer

4. Player M kicks a double and accidentally doesn't tag 1st base as they travel safely to 2nd base. Is Player M out?Deselect Answer

5. Can balls and strikes be called?Deselect Answer

6. Situation: There is a baserunner on 3rd base and there is 1 out. The kicker kicks a ball in the air into foul territory and the right fielder catches the ball. The baserunner on third base runs home after the catch. How many outs are there and what is the call?Deselect Answer

7. How many innings is considered a regulation game and can a game end in a tie?Deselect Answer

8. Player M is on 1st base. Player P kicks a pop-up to the outfield. The defensive player catches the ball. Player M leaves 1st base before the outfield makes initial contact with the ball. Is Player M out?Deselect Answer

9. What is the "Headshot Rule" and how is it determined?Deselect Answer

10. At game time Team A only has 8 players - 4 male and 4 female. What should happen?Deselect Answer

11. Player E is up to kick with a runner on third, no outs, and no fouls. When they kick their plant foot crosses the front of home plate, and the ref yells "Foul!".  The ball is caught in the outfield, and after properly tagging up the runner on third makes it safely home. What should happen?Deselect Answer

12. Player M is on 1st base and leaves before Player P kicks the ball. Is Player M out?Deselect Answer

13. A Ground Rule Triple is when...Deselect Answer

14. Ball is kicked and hits the top of the outfield fence. The ball pops and sticks to the fence. What's the call?Deselect Answer
15. Can a player who is running late be put in a shared spot on the line-up prior to the start of the game if they are not there yet?Deselect Answer

16. What is the "Defensive Diamond"?Deselect Answer

17. Player A twists their ankle in a hole in the outfield, and leaves the game. The team still has enough players of the same gender. What should happen to the lineup when Player A's kicking spot comes up?Deselect Answer

18. Player H is a baserunner on third base, with the bases loaded. A line-drive kick hits player H while they are standing on the base, in fair territory. Player H runs home, and everyone else advances successfully. What should be the call?Deselect Answer

19. Who is responsible for returning equipment to Hobbs after each set of games?Deselect Answer

20. How many foul kicks does it take for a kicker to be out?Deselect Answer