Ref Test

20 questions total, 15 of them need to be answered correctly to pass.
Feel free to take the test as many times as you like in order to pass, each time you take the test the 20 questions will be randomized.
Hints reference sections of the Rules.

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1. Player M kicks a double and accidentally doesn't tag 1st base as they travel safely to 2nd base. Is Player M out?Deselect Answer

2. Player E is up to kick with a runner on third, no outs, and no fouls. When they kick their plant foot crosses the front of home plate, and the ref yells "Foul!".  The ball is caught in the outfield, and after properly tagging up the runner on third makes it safely home. What should happen?Deselect Answer

3. For any player that kicks during a game, they must...Deselect Answer

4. In which of these situations is a kick a Foul Ball?Deselect Answer

5. Situation: There is a baserunner on 3rd base and there is 1 out. The kicker kicks a ball in the air into foul territory and the right fielder catches the ball. The baserunner on third base runs home after the catch. How many outs are there and what is the call?Deselect Answer

6. Player L is in right field, attempting a catch on a long fly ball. They misjudge the ball, which hits them in the head and bounces over the back fence, without touching the ground. What is the call?Deselect Answer

7. Who is responsible for returning equipment to Hobbs after each set of games?Deselect Answer

8. In which circumstance(s) is contact not necessary to rule defensive interference?Deselect Answer

9. Beside the foul lines and how the ball lands, what can be used to determine if a ball is kicked foul?Deselect Answer

10. How many people from the offensive team (excluding baserunners) are allowed to be outside of the dugout?Deselect Answer

11. Player H is a baserunner on third base, with the bases loaded. A line-drive kick hits player H while they are standing on the base, in fair territory. Player H runs home, and everyone else advances successfully. What should be the call?Deselect Answer

12. Situation: There is a baserunner at 1st base. A line drive is kicked by the kicking player. The baserunner on first starts running to 2nd base, then sees the shortstop make a diving catch of the ball, they then run back and touch 1st base and start running to 2nd as the pitcher receives a throw from the shortstop. The base runner then stops and goes back to 1st base. The pitcher then throws the ball to 1st in order to try and get the runner out before they reach 1st base safely. Can the defense get a Force Out at 1st base?Deselect Answer

13. How many innings is considered a regulation game and can a game end in a tie?Deselect Answer

14. Player D shows up at 5:20 for their teams 5:00 game, which is now in the fourth inning. The team is already using all 12 kicking spots. Are they allowed to be added to the lineup?Deselect Answer

15. How many steps are you allowed when leading off of a base before the kick?Deselect Answer

16. Situation: Bases loaded, nobody out. Ball is kicked on the ground to first baseman, who tags the runner going to second, touches first base, then throws to home plate. Catcher catches the ball and tags home plate. This is a triple play!Deselect Answer
17. Player M is on 1st base. Player P kicks a pop-up to the outfield. The defensive player catches the ball. Player M leaves 1st base before the outfield makes initial contact with the ball. Is Player M out?Deselect Answer

18. A Ground Rule Triple is when...Deselect Answer

19. At game time Team A only has 8 players - 4 male and 4 female. What should happen?Deselect Answer

20. How many defensive players are allowed to be in the defensive diamond before the ball is kicked?Deselect Answer