And then there were 36

by | Apr 4, 2016 | From the Board

Thank you to all 32 teams for registering by the 10pm April 1 deadline. It is amazing that year in and year out everyone is still beyond excited to be apart of the KVKL. 32 teams have been the foundation of this league for over five years, with very few changes in teams. This year we began to research the possibility of a league expansion. Expanding the league means that all 32 teams who have re-registered this year are all capable off filling a full roster, providing refs, doing clean up and being an active participant in all things KVKL. Turns out all 32 of our teams don’t ever want hang up their cleats. We might be getting older but it appears not one single KVKL team plans on retiring ever.

In order to expand the league and have it run in a workable manner, we realized the KVKL would need to expand to 36 teams. We’ve got the fields on reserve, the season dates figured out, and have selected 4 new teams to join the Kaw Valley Kickball League.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Athletic Republic’s Red Legs

Hillary’s Live Eat Well

Johnny’s Tavern

Aces of Bases

For those teams who were not selected this year, please do register again next year. A few of the teams selected have applied for five years.  The demand to be in the KVKL is strong, and we so appreciate all the teams who applied.  If you are still interested in being a part of the KVKL sign up personally for the classifieds, as there often are teams looking for players. Or join us May 21 for our annual spring charity tournament.

Here’s to 36 teams for the 2016 KVKL season. We are beyond excited, and more info to come….

Keep Kicking,