In With The Old In With The New

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Commissioner’s update 2022

Hi friends!  Spring is just around the corner (allegedly) and I hope you’re as excited to start a new season as I am. 

I’ve been tasked with being your commissioner this year. My personal goal for this season is to take steps to ensure the league continues prospering, with players retiring and fresh faces stepping in to kick their first small ball. I also want to ensure we maintain what makes our league great, including historical zeitgeist.  Compared to some in this league, my decade long tenure is just a short time, but I know it’s important not to lose what sparked this community in the first place.

Speaking of our history, holy cow this year we are celebrating KVKL’s 20th anniversary!  We’ve got some exciting plans for celebrating. The board is planning a leaguewide survey in the coming weeks.  We want to know what pulled you in and keeps you in this league, ways we can improve, what this league should be, and how you’d like to celebrate our 20th year.

If you’re anything like me, you already loved kickball, but you fell in love with the league when you watched/played in your first game at Hobbs.  The stadium also has a history that is important to preserve.  That is why our league will be committing to help restore the stadium in order to have it for many years to come.  It won’t be an easy undertaking, but this year we’ve committed to taking the first steps required.  Expect some of our future fundraising to go to Hobbs restoration.  We will announce more details as we have them.

For this year’s summer charity, we’ve chosen Haus of McCoy, a community hub for queer and trans youth of Lawrence, KS.  We are excited to work with them in order to help further their mission!  

We’ve also been in the process of expanding our board to 9 members.  I’m excited to announce Clint Curtiss and Mike Zubelewicz have agreed to join the board!  They bring with them a great combination of skills and kickball experience and we are happy to have them.

Another new and exciting development is the KVKL Discord group.  We recognize many people aren’t interested in Facebook and don’t always track their email these days.  We would like to offer one more way to provide access to the board and to the community at large.  You can join by clicking here.

Now, for the reason you’re here, dates!

March 19th: Registration is open! CLICK HERE
April 11th: Registration closes
April 16th: KVKL Yard and Plant Sale
April 18th: Payment due date
May 1st: Rules clinic and captains meeting
May 8th: Pre-Season Tourney
May 15th: Week 1
Memorial Day: We will play
July 3rd:  We will not play
July 31st/August: Tournament (Start date is rainout permitting)
September: Afterparty/Charity Auction

I know the 15th is not an ideal start date for some folks but unfortunately the August calendar did not allow for the needed 2 weeks of rainout buffer.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Thanks to everyone who has worked to make our league great this year and in years previous.  I’m excited to share the season with you and excited to celebrate 20 years.