It’s time to really score at hobbs

by | Mar 4, 2015 | From the Board

This past week we got the final approval on the scoreboard. The City Commission, Parks and Rec, East Lawrence neighborhood association and finally the historic resources committee have all given us the green light to begin building the scoreboard. The first payment installment was sent this week and the scoreboard is being welded as you read this! The bad news as with almost any project the scoreboard is coming in a bit more expensive than we had planned.

We are looking to do a quick reach out to everyone in the league to come up with the rest of the funds to get the sign completed. Right now we are needing at least $2500 but if we can get up to $5000 raised there would be no issue at all (and hopefully a party to celebrate everyones hard work).

On the top of our website there is a paypal button. If you have $5 or $5000 feel free to hit the DONATE button. We are a non-for-profit so your donation is tax deductible. In addition to asking each of you to see if you have any spare dollars, we will be unveiling some limited edition t-shirts, koozies and maybe other unique merch to purchase in the coming weeks.

If everyone in the league gave $5 this week we could get there. Every little bit counts. We have appreciated all the amazing work we have already over the past few years. We just have a little bit more to raise.

Kaw Valley Kickball is one of a kind. I know we can do this. I believe in all of you and can’t wait for us to experience the unveiling of our scoreboard at hobbs in under ninety days.


hobbs scoreboard