Kickball Is For All – Clinic year 9!

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Event

2021 marks the 9th year for the KVKL Action Clinic. As our world embraces gender fluidity, so does the KVKL. We believe it is time to give our one-day clinic a name change. Moving forward this annual event will be known as the Kickball is for ALL Clinic.
This will be held on Saturday July 10th at Hobbs starting around 2pm. We are always looking for new players to attend this event so please share this event with your teammates, friends, and family.
All KIFA Sponsors are inclusive for marginalized groups, LGBTQ allies, and safe spaces.
-Sano Massage and Wellness.
Aimes Schalles plays for the ghosts and owns Sanos massage. He has been attending, sponsoring, and running a massage tent at this clinic since the beginning. With 7 therapists to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect treatment at Sano Massage.
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-Find Fitness
James Findley plays for Red Legs and owns Find Fitness. He wants to keep you healthy all season. Specializing in weight management, sports performance, and adaptive exercise for special population groups. He says you can hunt him down on game day for free fitness advice.
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-Young Spine and Joint
Yace Young plays for, sponsors, and owns Young Spine and Joint.
Growing up on the rugby field, and playing KVKL for the last 10 years, she knows the anguish of the body aching, aging, getting out of shape, and getting back into shape. Now specializing in dry needling, chiropractic adjusting, and sport specific movement!
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– Nourish Training
Kelsey Fortin plays for the D-Holes and owns Nourish Training. She wants you to take advantage of the benefits of exercising in nature by utilizing space outdoors at local parks throughout the community. Serving clients through personal training, group training, nutrition education and health coaching since 2015. Reach her for group or one on one training at
952-239-5406 –
We consider this Event an opportunity for the women, trans and non-binary of the league, or not in the league, who want to try kickball. Come out and learn a few extra things from the captains and kickball heads of the KVKL.
A group of players will be on hand to demonstrate a few methods that can tighten up you game and give you a bit of insight about the game of kickball. There will be something for players of every level, rookie and veteran alike. Or if there are a few things you are unclear on, rules or otherwise, this is your chance to get an honest, clear answer.
The instructional based information is all being provided on a volunteer basis, of course, so there is no need to worry about being screamed at like a drill sergeant at basic training. Come out for the entire afternoon or just stop by to watch the games. It’s totally up to you.
There will be full on kickball games played between all-participating immediately following the instructional portion of the afternoon, including reffing.
1) learning how to kick well
2) covering your bases (since so many women, trans and non-binary play 2nd base focusing on that base)
3) pitching basics
4)catching – ball handling / overhand throwing
1) bunting/ running fast
2) sliding into bases
3) outfield catching/ throwing balls fast / accuracy
4) running bases intelligently
In the past we’ve had some very helpful men provide their skills on the grills. PLEASE feel free to bring stuff to share, side dishes / chips / condiments and of course it’s BYOB.
This is open to ALL women, trans and non-binary included who play Kickball.
Even if you don’t play in the league but want to work on your skills, try kickball.
Dudes you can come too, but only if you plan on manning a grill, offering positive improvements to our game, assisting in reffing the games etc.
If you have more questions or would like to help out in any way you can contact Erin Adams, Arianna Auxter, Megan, Hawman, Staci Taylor-Ahlvers