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1. Player H is a baserunner on third base, with the bases loaded. A line-drive kick hits player H while they are standing on the base, in fair territory. Player H runs home, and everyone else advances successfully. What should be the call?Deselect Answer

2. After a successful single kick Player F, while overrunning first base, thinks to try to stretch it into a double and turns towards second, taking a few steps.  Player F then decides to play it safe and begins walking back to first base. The First Baseman tags Player F with the ball before they make it back to the base. What is the call?Deselect Answer

3. Situation: A runner is on 3rd base. The ball is kicked down the 3rd base line. The runner runs toward home base and the ball barely hits their foot in fair territory then bounces off into foul territory before passing 3rd base.Deselect Answer

4. Player M is on 1st base. Player P kicks a pop-up to the outfield. The defensive player catches the ball. Player M leaves 1st base before the outfield makes initial contact with the ball. Is Player M out?Deselect Answer

5. How many people from the offensive team (excluding baserunners) are allowed to be outside of the dugout?Deselect Answer

6. What is the "Defensive Diamond"?Deselect Answer

7. Players A, B, and C are kicking in that order in the lineup. Player A kicks and successfully makes it to first base. Player C kicks next, safely making it to first and moving Player A to second.  The referee then realizes that Player B was skipped. What should happen?Deselect Answer

8. A Ground Rule Double is when...Deselect Answer

9. Catcher takes a few steps back and then runs forward, without breaking the catcher's box, as the ball is pitched. Kicker bunts and the catcher fields and throws kicker out at first. What's the call?Deselect Answer
10. Player A twists their ankle in a hole in the outfield, and leaves the game. The team still has enough players of the same gender. What should happen to the lineup when Player A's kicking spot comes up?Deselect Answer

11. What is the "Headshot Rule" and how is it determined?Deselect Answer

12. How many defensive players are allowed to be in the defensive diamond before the ball is kicked?Deselect Answer

13. Player L is in right field, attempting a catch on a long fly ball. They misjudge the ball, which hits them in the head and bounces over the back fence, without touching the ground. What is the call?Deselect Answer

14. In which circumstance(s) is contact not necessary to rule defensive interference?Deselect Answer

15. What is the name of the rule that requires play to be suspended immediately for weather?Deselect Answer

16. How many foul kicks does it take for a kicker to be out?Deselect Answer

17. Can balls and strikes be called?Deselect Answer

18. Situation: Bases loaded, nobody out. Ball is kicked on the ground to first baseman, who tags the runner going to second, touches first base, then throws to home plate. Catcher catches the ball and tags home plate. This is a triple play!Deselect Answer
19. How many players of each gender must be available to play before the start of a regular season game, and what is the only reason that a game can continue without that number of players of each gender?Deselect Answer

20. A Ground Rule Triple is when...Deselect Answer