Safe or out?

This is the video I mentioned during the podcast last week.  It was on Around the Horn, a show on ESPN.  It’s pretty awesome that this guy pulled off a full front flip and was still safe going into the plate…or at least it looks like he was called safe.  Naturally, both teams react as if the call should have gone in their favor.  I also have to give a shout out to the play on grass – check out all that sweet ass sliding.

The pitching style in this video is equally ridiculous and from the looks of it they are using the enormous10.5 inchball instead of our much more competitive8.5 inch version.

A version of this was posted to the KVKL Facebook page, but I promised to put it up, so here it is.  Thanks to Kyle Schneweis from the Goats for sending me the full length version of this video.  I’ve had nightmares the last couple of nights because of how creepy the slow motion sounds from the last 30 seconds. Enjoy.