Week 6 Preview

Week 6 is going to be another scorcher and if it winds up resembling  Week 5 in any way I will be thoroughly impressed – the kickball, not the weather.  The last couple of games of division play are key to rounding out the Pool rankings.  The two tougher divisions, Langston Hughes and Carrie A Nation, have their top teams facing each other over the final two weeks. In a way, it’s a mini version of the playoffs because it requires focus for consecutive games.

This weeks Game of the Week between the Screamers and Slowride should finally give a glimpse of competitive kickball on the big stage.  Slowride has been slipping up a bit as of late.  I hope they come to play because the Screamers are a good kickball team.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this one being too close.  Slowride plays top-tier defense but they fail to score runs in volume.  The Screamers on the other hand will put up runs in a hurry if they get the top of their order on base.  They feature the fastest man the league has ever known in Mr. Tony Blevins.  He may not be a spring chicken (who is in this league), but he’s still the fastest guy I know.  If you don’t believe me I’ll introduce you to one of my favorite Youtube videos.  For you sports fanatics, just know that this is the last time we beat Oklahoma on the gridiron , in 1997. Yes, 15 years ago.  Don’t let me down now Tony, you better show up to the game…


 Games to Watch

Wildman Attack Force @ Das Boot, Broken Arrow 7:00

This is the best game of the week in my opinion.  The winner can likely claim supremacy in the Carrie A. Nation division.  Das Boot was gifted a win week 1 after a Los Matadores forfeit, so they’ll likely be on their toes trying not to falter in another big game.  Das Boot won in dramatic fashion last week in a come from behind epic kickball game against Sacred Sword and they’ll be hoping to bring that momentum into this week’s game.

Wildman Attack Forces finally gets to test themselves against one of the better teams in the KVKL.  They have a lot of veteran experience, but it will be interesting to see if they can play 9 innings of focused, competitive kickball.  This should be a close one.

Red Lyon @ Goats, Holcom Gold 7:00

Red Lyon gets a chance to bounce back after a tough loss to Love Garden last week.  If they lose they’ll be headed to the 3rd Pool after division play.

The Goats have their work cut out for them for the last two weeks of the season.  This game should be a good tune up for their match-up against Love Garden next week.  Their challenge will be not overlooking a very good Red Lyon team.

Shaolin Shadowboxers @ Love Garden, Holcom Left 7:00

The Shaolin Shadowboxers play another tough game this week.  They play arguably the best two teams in the division in back-to-back weeks in The Goats and Love Garden.  This should be a good test for them and it will be interesting to see if they can patch the holes in their ship after last weeks loss.

Love Garden looks to stay undefeated in their division.  They need to stay focused this week and not look down the road to a tough game against the Goats next week.  If they can keep their composure and play their game they should come out victorious.

Corksuckers @ Rockets

It seems like I talk about the Rockets on a weekly basis, but this should be another good match-up. Both of these teams are capable squads if when they bring their “A” game.  A win for either side will go a long way towards being in a better pool for the final three weeks of the regular season.

Happy kickballing,



1. Screamers > Slowride (13-4)

2. Das Boot > Wildman Attack Force

3. Goats > Red Lyon

4. Sacred Sword > Liberty Hall

5. Love Garden > Shaolin Shadowboxers

6. Hurtz Donut > Channel 6

7. Rockets > Corksuckers

8. Barracudas > Dirty Mike & The Boyz

9. Chalmersiz >Free State

10. Pita Pit > West Coast

11. Balls Deep > Bald Beavers

12. Ghosts > Harper Valley PTA

13. Party!! > Tellerdactyls

14. Los Matadores > Gang Green

15. Brew Ballers > Spacepussy

16. Asteroid Head > Jazzhaus

***Home Team in Bold***