2012 Season Preview, Part 2: John Brown


Tradition: Blowing Championships.  (Andy, I understand high expectations, but that shit cray.)

Pita Pit return a core of seven players from the nine years they’ve participated in the KVKL; not too shabby.  Not to mention the trophy case full of hardware they’ve acquired.  What is there to say about this team other than no one expects a win when this team is across the diamond from you.  Even when they play a nail-biting game against a team that they would likely beat 4 times out of 5, Pita Pit usually finds a way to pull out the “W”.  If there is ever a KVKL Hall of Fame, look for a few Pita Pit jerseys and busts.  Okay, maybe I’ve taken this a bit too far, but this team has been that good year after year.  The only knock I can even fathom about Pita Pit is that they tend to be their own worst enemy.  When the ball isn’t bouncing their way there tends to be a bit of in-house implosion.  When they play methodical, cutthroat kickball, watch out; this team has the capability to go undefeated.  They’ll have to will their way through a KVKL tournament that is growing more and more competitive every year, but I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see them make another deep run.

Key Games:

Week 7 vs. Chamersiz

Final Prediction: 7-0


I would have loved nothing more than for Candy Pantalones – or another member of this colorful cast of characters – to indulge my kickball curiosity. Instead I must go it alone in explaining this kickball anomaly.  Is there a better example of a team who has mastered their own kickball craft than these guys and gals?  I think not.  The Chalmersiz beat teams by forcing them to play a different style of kickball – simple as that.  One of the more memorable games of kickball I’ve ever been a part of was against this very team one hot summer day at South Park.  If you know me at all you know that I love strategizing and love to compete.  The game I’m referencing had more than it’s share of both.  In the end we came out victorious (3-2 I think) but I earned a whole new respect for this team.  And what I love most is the fact that they’re willing to drink a beer and joke after every single game.  If you’re looking for a good team to watch for good kickball and entertainment, look no further.  I also hear they have a few upgrades of their own this year.  Will this be the year they take it all the way?  If they do they’ll likely have an entire town behind them.

Key Games:

Week 7 @ Pita Pit

Final Prediction: 6-1


Motto: Party = Fun, and “Most Fun Wins”

Formerly known as Wilt Chamberlain, Party comes into the 2012 season trying to rebound from a shaky season last year, finishing the regular season at 6-4.  Party will definitely challenge the better teams in the league and should win the majority of their games on the backs of seasoned veterans and captains.  As the theme of the season seems to be going, Party also brings on a whole new host of female players.  This particular pool seems to be dominated by very capable, mid-level kickball teams.  If PARTY can fend off the some of these teams they should finish strong in this pool.  If they slip up and lose a couple of games they could have won, their season may sound like the same old song from a season ago.  I’m anxious to see if this team will return with a renewed sense of urgency or if they “party” their way to mediocrity.  A totally capable team, but kickball is the life of the KVKL party.

Key Games:

Week 2 @ Chalmersiz

Week 5 @ Pita Pit

Final Prediction: 4-3


West Coast represent one of the many mid-level kickball teams that are capable of winning almost any game on any given Sunday, but will also lose a game or two that should have been a bit more competitive.  Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this team, but hey, it’s not like I’m Joe Lunardi getting paid to make bold yet random predictions.

Key Games:

Week 2 vs. Tellerdactyls

Week 3 GOTW @ Balls Deep

Final Prediction: 3-4


Balls Deep brings a core of returning players, but also is bringing in a lot of new players for the 2012 season.  I don’t think they expect to field one of their more competitive teams, but should still have a lot of fun playing kickball if they don’t take losses to seriously.  With the loss of most of the big boot offense they’ve grown accustomed to over the past few years this team may struggle to put runs on the board – something they’ve succeeded at in prior years.  A few new speedsters may help with run production if they can get on base and execute.  I expect this team to handle lesser competition but struggle against the top flight teams.

Key Games:

Week 3 GOTW vs. West Coast

Week 1 vs. Tellerdactyls

Final Prediction: 3-4


Fun Fact:  Claim to have the best looking females in the league, and share their booze.  Sounds like a team to jump on board with, no?

After finishing the 2011 campaign at the bottom of the pack, the Tellerdactyls hope to compete in their games this year, as they did most of last year, but also hope that the results will be a bit different.  They have a couple of key games straight out of the gate that could make or break their season as well. Being a team with quite a few new players is yet again hard to predict, but mixing drinking and learning can be a bad concoction – I think most of this league can attest to that.  The Tellerdactyls hope to have a bit of fun in the sun and to be competitive.  They must be thinking business this year.  I hear their captain has already had his first kickball dream, although sources cannot specify as to whether it was wet or dry.

Key Games:

Week 1 @ Balls Deep

Week 2 @ West Coast

Final Prediction: 3-4


Free State is a reminder of yet another team that I know very little about from a playing standpoint.  On the plus side, they are definitely one of the teams that bring work to the field of play.  I’d say the majority (if not all) of their players seem to be Free State workers, a tribute to the KVKL of old. The core of this team knows how kickball is truly meant to be played; they are just lacking the raw athleticism and consistency that is farmed from outside sources throughout the rest of the league.

Key Games:

Week 2 GOTW vs. Bald Beavers

Final Prediction: 1-6


The Bald Beavs are captained by some savvy kickball veterans.  Unfortunately, this team has had little success from a winning standpoint.  In a league that is growing more and more competitive every year, it’s difficult to make a name for yourself as an up and coming team.  However, let’s not look past the fact that teams like the Bald Beavers continue to play year after year, because – win or lose – kickball is ridiculously fun.

Key Games:

Week 2 GOTW @ Free State

Final Prediction: 1-6