2012 Season Preview, Part 3: Langston Hughes


Motto(s): “Squid Nasty” and “Ink ‘em”

Tactician and GM Chris Ford has been hard at work this off-season upgrading his squid squad that fell just short of winning the cup last season.  This team is a perennial contender, but hasn’t brought home the hardware for several seasons now; a task that is becoming more and more difficult as the entire league continues to improve.  Expect the Squids to dominate most of the games they play, but there looks to be a couple tough match ups on paper.  Will all the newbies be able to grasp complex playbook and motion defense that Captain Ford has compiled?  Only time will tell.  Word around the campfire is that he only recruits players who annihilate the Wonderlic Test, so I think they’ll be up to the challenge.

Key Game(s):

–         Week 5 vs. Red Lyon

Final Prediction:  7-0


I’m not sure that it will come as much of a surprise with all of the talent and upgrades Red Lyon acquired in the off-season, but Red Lyon are my sleeper team going into the season.  They return a lot of talent, new and old, from a season ago and are bringing in several seasoned players from the “free agent” market.  The key for this team will be finding a system that works and peaking at the right time.  They’ll have a few weeks to get ready for a Love Garden match up in week 5 where they can test their skill against an elite force.  Pool play will be important part of this team’s preparation for the tournament.

Key Game(s)

–         Week 4: GOTW vs. Rockets

–         Week 5 @LoveGarden

–         Week 6 @ Goats

Final Prediction:  6-1


What is there to say about the Goats that they probably haven’t already said themselves?  This team wears their feelings on the sleeves and isn’t afraid to admit it.  Highly opinionated, athletic, and rambunctious, this cast of characters creates problems for opposing teams on a weekly basis.  The Goats hope to continue the success they’ve experienced for past several seasons, and are searching for the big playoff win that will catapult them into the KVKL lime light.  Defeating Love Garden or Red Lyon or both could go a long way towards building their confidence.

Key Game(s):

–         Week 6 vs. Red Lyon

–         Week 7 @ Love Garden

Final Prediction:  4-3


Finishing last season as the Less-Awesome Champions, the Ghosts hope to build upon last year’s success.  This division should show their true colors as they face several quality kickball teams, a few of which are competing to show they belong in the upper echelon of teams.  The three toughest games of their division schedule are right out of the gate.  Week 1-3 they face Red Lyon, Goats, and Love Garden respectively.  That alone should be enough to show where they will stand in this division when it’s all said and done.

Key Game(s):

–         Week 1 @ Red Lyon

–         Week 2 @ Ghosts

–         Week 3 vs.LoveGarden

Final Prediction:  3-4


Fact: The Clan ain’t nothing to fuck wit

The Shadowboxers are a team that is literally capable of winning almost every game they play, but somehow seem to find a way to drop a few close games.  If they can find a way to string together a few timely hits and play some consistent defense, expect good things from this team of entertaining characters.  Shout out to Dan, Esco, and Brasil (Brasil: stop being a wimp, chuck the loafers, and put on your war paint.  You know you love it. Smooches).

Key Game(s):

–         Week 1 vs. Rockets

–         Week 5 @ Goats

Final Prediction:  3-4


Motto: Blast off! (pre-game cheer)

The Rockets hope to continue improving on the season they had last year.  In 2011, they began the season with a roster filled with greenhorns, but by the end of the year they were playing some pretty impressive kickball.  It seems the old commish, Geoff Wright, has his players believing in the plays he’s drawing up in the dirt.  Expect the Rockets to compete in a league of balanced kickball squads.  They’ll likely be the underdog in their more difficult games, but they are capable of beating the tough teams if they bring their “A” game.

Key Game(s):

–         Week 1 @ Shaolin

–         Week 4 GOTW @ Red Lyon

Final Prediction: 3-4


I don’t have much information on the Suckers for preseason, but they got thrown into a division that has some good mid-level kickball competition.  They’re season could be a good one if they can pull out a few games that they might not win on paper.  Keeping games close will be key to their success.  In the end, I think they’ll be on the short end of several close games.

Key Game(s):

–         Week 2 @ Shaolin

–         Week 5 @ Ghosts

Final Prediction: 2-5


Fact:  The KVKL now has access to a pirate ship.  Thank you PTA.

This team needs a “W” in this league.  To my knowledge, Harper Valley has yet to win a game since entering the league a season ago; and that’s probably just fine with them.  I had the honor of playing this fun loving team last season.  It was a blowout, but everyone on the field was having a great time.   I was a little concerned with the free cookies they provide at all of their games, because I wasn’t sure if the kickball would start talking to me or not, and then I realized that this is the PTA, so I had a few.  If you are lucky enough to play them this year it won’t be the toughest game you’ve ever played, but be prepared for a fun evening.  Crack a beer, kick your feet up, and enjoy kickball in the summer in Lawrence, KS.

Key Game(s):

–         Week 1-7: Let the fun begin.

Final Prediction:  0-7 (But the pirate ship is worth at least 2 wins).