2021 Down the Stretch; Week 10: The Power of Positivity & The Rankings of Power

Why can’t we all just get along? My first season of KVKL was in 2019 and, by and large, everyone has been incredibly accommodating and inclusive. One thing I learned rather quickly, however, was that it’s a risky prospect to ask even your dearest of friends if they won their game on Sunday. I get it, no one wants to talk about losing; I get it, a lot of people were very successful in multiple sports in their high school days. It can be difficult to separate the desire to win from the human necessity to enjoy our time on this planet. This season, I’ve opted to switch it up and greet my colleagues with the question, “did you have fun today?” Word choice is an incredibly powerful tool in shaping the mood of any discussion and we owe it to our peers to wield it responsibly. I urge my fellow kickballers to consider using positive language around the complex, both on and off the field. We leave an impression not only on the spectators who have decided to see what the league is all about, but also the children who are watching and shaping their ideas of how to be an adult based on what they see. It is a cultural failure if outsiders look upon our league in a negative light and together we own the ability to mold that perception with our words and actions. This organization represents 600+ adults from Lawrence and the surrounding areas; a lot of us work together directly or contemporarily. Many people volunteer their time and energy to coordinate charity events and other organizational activities and it is unfair to them to have to answer for the poor sportsmanship of a few people. I know I’m not alone in saying that Sunday is my one day of the week I can afford to set aside for having fun. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you can’t have fun on the diamond, don’t make it everyone else’s problem. Don’t throw dirt, or beer, or insults, or anything else at the refs if you disagree with them. When you’re frustrated about the ruling on the field, take a second to consider the situation you’re in. What the hell is the “heat of the moment” when you’re playing recreational kickball on a Sunday and 90% of the players have a beer in hand at all times? Being a poor sport is NOT an excuse to yell at your peers. No one is responsible for holding space for you to be a whiny child because you haven’t learned how to handle the fact that life doesn’t always go your way. You are not being forced to show up on Sundays. Don’t get me wrong, I love some good-natured jawing between teams. But be considerate and keep it kind; I’m here for a good time, not a long time. If you’re out there to have fun like myself and a vast majority of players, spread the love <3.

Week 10 Totally Subjective Based On Literally Just My Opinion Power Rankings So Fight Me But Please Don’t I Bruise Easily, Brought To You By Carl’s, Jr. (Please Don’t Sue Me): The Trees Stand Alone

Team NameRankOverall Record(Pool Play Runs For/Runs Against*)
Home Loans351-8(36-33)
Reading Rockets342-7(41-54)
Pawsh Wash321-8(14-45)
Hookah House313-6(47-27)
Young Spine302-7(24-51)
Late Fees282-7(25-40)
Brew Tang Clan273-6(61-25)
Kicking Assets254-5(35-25)
23rd St.245-4(39-25)
Soda Jerks233-6(38-42)
Sacred Sword214-5(31-19)
R-Bar Patio205-4(40-26)
Bunt N Grind185-4(38-31)
Drop Stoppers174-5(33-38)
Free State146-3(25-23)
Lawrence Shirt Factory116-3(31-49)
Honey Badgers106-3(43-27)
Red Lyon Tavern96-3(27-36)
Red Legs75-4(19-36)
Love Garden68-1(57-22)
Muddy Waters28-1(28-25)

*For the purpose of Runs Scored/Runs Against, all forfeited matches are considered to have a final score of 7-0

Week 10 Game of the Week

Post Haus @ Red Legs

Hobbs Park 9:15 pm, August 1st

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