Congratulations to Taco Tuesday’s Capt. Adam P! He won my really weird John Travolta Challenge and only missed one reference. One word for ya: Razzamatazz. Find me at Game of the Week for your prize!

In other news, should we make this week another contest? I chose four games for this Sunday. Can you correctly pick the winners of all four? Do so in the comments (either here or on Facebook) and you’ll be handsomely rewarded!



Los Matadores vs. Chalmersiz @ Lyons West, 5 p.m.
This will probably be the legit Game of the Week, and I think everyone knows it. Los Matadores hasn’t looked nearly as dominant as in the past, but that’s also a testament to the parity among KVKL nowadays. Taco Tuesday kept a close game with Paul and co. last week, 8-6, and the Ghosts a few weeks back showed it can hang with what were once far superior teams on paper, losing to Los Matadores, 4-2.

The Mario Chalmersiz handled that same Taco team, 12-5—it’s also in a pretty good position to steal the top spot in the Carrie A. Nation division if it can handle Los Matadores’ speed and power, thanks to the Corksuckers’ surprise win over the Bad News Bagels, and the Bagels’ win over Los Matadores. I haven’t seen enough of either team, unfortunately, to know how they stack up against one another, but the Matadors have some weak spots, especially in its kicking lineup. If you have the time to watch one game (that isn’t Team USA vs. Team Japan) then trek to Lyons and check this one out.

Los Matadores > Chalmersiz

And when you’re done, stick around for . . .

Goats vs. Pizza Party! @ Lyons West, 7 p.m.
Ah, old Goats vs. older Goats. If ever there were a rivalry in KVKL, this is possibly the one I think of first. Probably because the first kickball game I ever watched was the Goats of yore vs. the Jazzhaus of yore—which is essentially what Party is now. As I recall it was 2008, at the Fairgrounds, and the Goats had lost close game after closer game all season, having lost some seven games by a combined nine runs or something.

Anyway. The Goats were boned by Jazzhaus’ 2nd baseman, after deliberately dropping a pop-up with a runner on 1st to snake a double-play, I think to end the game. People shouted, Scott Starrett threw down his hip-towel like an angry Roy Williams does his suit jacket, Alex Fox said something hilarious, and life went as usual for everyone else. Good times.

And then a few years later, in 2012, these two teams faced each other in the second round of the tournament. Curses were cast, beer cans were thrown, and Party pulled off a major upset. Some things never change. Except for the Goats’ teammates. It has a handful of new(ish) players, who seem to be figuring things out together, having only lost to Wildman Attack Force so far this year. Party also lost to Wildman (big), as well as to the Hurtz Donut D-Holes (not so big). The Goats are a slightly more disciplined team. Party has learned to chill the fuck out. Party can win big, or the Goats can win small. Tough call.

Goats > Pizza Party

Love Garden Squids vs. Red Lyon @ Holcolm Left, 7 p.m.
Speaking of old vs. old. . . . Love Garden Squids had a tough (tough) games against Channel 6 last Sunday, losing 8-3, while Red Lyon had a not-so-tough game against the Merchants of Death, 5-2. And depending on the results of the next two weeks, Love Garden could potentially drop to the 4-spot in pool play.



Red Lyon isn’t far from consecutive 1-spots if it can handle the Squids and Channel 6 next week. If you’re not at Lyons this week, then you’re probably at the Red Lyon watching soccer, or watching this game. Both teams are fast, both are veteran-laden, and both kick extremely well. And to cap it off—this game is being played at Holcolm Left; or, Home Run Central. The last time Red Lyon played here (week 1), it put up over 30 runs against an improved AsteroidHEAD. I don’t remember the last time the Squids played here. (Anyone?) I guess it doesn’t matter—it’s all about matchups, and this is one helluva matchup.

Bummer we can’t akk watch this one—it’s gonna be good. Probably better for Love Garden, but good nevertheless.

Love Garden > Red Lyon



D’s Nuts vs. Liberty Hall Late Fees @ Game of the Week, you know when and where
I didn’t bother making a spreadsheet this season so I can’t bore you readers with stats and numbers and other objective analyses—I can only bore you the good old fashioned way: with words. Since Capt. Kristen took over D’z Nutz, it has cut its roster significantly and played slightly better (from what I’ve heard). The Fees, meanwhile, has taken a step back over the past few seasons. That disparity may have evened out, it would appear, and this game makes a lot of sense at a cursory glance. It’s America’s 239th birthday weekend, it’s two hungry-for-a-win teams, and Mick Cottin is probably going to propose to Robyn again.

Good luck and try not to set anything (or anyone) on fire!

Liberty Hall Late Fees > D’s Nutz


Good luck, everyone! Have fun and be safe and celebrate responsibly!