KVKL 2011 – Week 10 Preview

Here’s the Week 10 Preview! It’s hard to believe that it’s already the last Sunday of the 2011 regular season. I attempted to write about every match-up, and you’ll notice I sort-of fall apart at the end, sorry.  Also, I didn’t proof-read, so have fun with that shit.  Good luck at your games, and I’ll see you at Hobbs Park.


Pool 1

Slowride vs. Sacred Sword @ Hobbs Park 6:30pm

After dominating their division, Sacred Sword is 0-2 in their pool and they’re not happy about it.  Most of their team has been working 20-hour shifts at the Kansrocksas Music Festival, we’ll see if they can down enough Five Hour Energy Drinks to avoid an official 3 game losing streak.  Slowride is in a tough division, and they’re happy to be there.  Win or lose, playing the top three teams in the league is only going to make Slowride a bigger threat during tournament time. Prediction: The Sword > Slowride

Love Garden vs. Pita Pit @ Hobbs Park 9pm – GOTW

Holy shit these teams are good.  What a great way to end the regular season with the two undefeated teams in the league battling it out under the lights for the number one spot in the thirty-two team KVKL.  I’ve seen Love Garden play several times this season, and they’re the type of team that will ruthlessly kick your ass until the bottom of the ninth, then pat you on the back afterwards while trying to convince you that your team isn’t actually that shitty.  Pita Pit is quieter, but is without question on the same talent level as The Squids.  They sit quietly in their dugout, study your defense, your offense, and then about three innings in they take you apart.  Will Chris Ford’s constant mid-game tweaks to the defense hurt or help his team? Will Pita Pit be able to come out strong against a team of such high caliber? Will Kelly Corcoran return to throw the opening pitch? Which team will you root for… or, despise less? It’s tough being the best. Prediction: Love Garden > Pita Pit


Pool 2

Chalmersiz vs Star Bar Barracudas @ Broken Arrow Park 5pm

If I were to pick a dark horse to go far in the tournament, it would be the Star Bar Barracudas.  They have the talent, the experience, and the mascot. I’ve only seen them play twice, but with a little more team cohesion on defense they could hold any team scoreless.  Rumor has it that Captain Candy is working with a smaller team (similar to the one we saw Slowride take down in week 7).  With their full team The Chalmersiz are unbeatable, but we may see their second regular season loss as they face a tough opponent with a weak squad.  If Justin “Subaroo” Atwater-Taylor can put as much effort into catching balls as he does posting shit on the KVKL facebook, the Chalmersiz may actually be able to hold off the Barracudas.  Prediction: Star Bar > Chalmersiz

Replay Rowdies vs. Das Boot @ Broken Arrow Park 6:30pm

It’s not difficult to argue that The Rowdies are in the wrong pool, but they would never say that, and they shouldn’t.  Their style is a bit messy, probably stemming from a collective team stubbornness, but they have some of the best and most fun players to watch in the league.  They’re unpredictable, and I don’t think they would have it any other way. Das Boot plays much cleaner and carefully tuned kickball, and this will give them the edge in this game.  Though, as we saw in last week’s Game of the Week, they can falter under pressure, and if the Rowdies can get an early lead and piss off the right people we may see an upset here. Prediction: Das Boot > Rowdies


Pool 3

Los Luchadores vs. Goats @ Holcomb Right 5pm

The Goats have been dominating the threes during pool play, and have been quietly hanging out around the KVKL’s top ten rankings for the whole season.  They’re not the most fun team to play or watch (I’ve seen them shamelessly bunt their way to victory), but they have the talent to hang with any team.  They don’t kick deep very often, but their ability to strategically place the ball is nearly perfect.  I imagine Luchadores will keep the game close by scoring off a few Goat errors, and by kicking the ball over the fence a couple times, but the Goats are a more rounded team with an aggressive attitude that Los Luchadores can’t match.  Luchadores has a lot of great players, but their kicks are predictable and this will be their undoing.  Prediction: The Goats > Los Luchadores

Screamers vs. Liberty Hall @ Holcomb Right 6:30pm

Most fun wins. Prediction: Most fun wins.


Pool 4

Red Lyon vs. Wilt Chamberlin @ Water Tower Park 5pm

I don’t know a lot about either of these teams.  Honestly, both these teams have seen better days, but Wilt seems to be getting better with every game.  Red Lyon has plenty of All-Stars, so I have a habit of siding with them, and they’re a fun team to play.  I imagine aggressive running is going to be the key to this game, and Nick Lerner is one of the greats.  Prediction: Red Lyon > Wilt Chamberlain

Balls Deep vs. Ghosts @ Water Tower Park 6:30pm

The Ghosts had a tough loss to Wilt Chamberlain during their Game of the Week, but I think they’re still the best team in the four pool.  Balls Deep has looked good every time I’ve seen them in action, and if their defense clicks they could easily keep the Ghosts from walking away with a win.  Prediction: Ghosts > Balls Deep


Pool 5

Brew Ballers vs. Channel 6 @ Holcomb Left 5pm

Brew Ballers do not seem to be as strong of a team as they have been in the past, despite appearing very similar to previous years.  I think they need to rely less on the bunt, and more on low, hard, well-placed kicks. They have speed, and that is the most important thing to a kickball team.  If you’ve got the legs, you will score.  Channel 6 has a lot of great kickers on their team, and being at Holcomb Left is going to allow for some home runs, though they lack versatility, and without that the Brew Baller Defense wont have much trouble adjusting to those players who can kick away.  Prediction: Channel 6 > Brew Ballers

West Coast Saloon vs. The Swarm @ Holcomb Left 6:30pm

West Coast is looking pretty happy with a 2-0 record in pool play, but The Swarm has always been a great team, and though their record doesn’t show it, I think they still have the ability to be a great team this year.  The Swarm is certainly one of the most beloved teams in the league, mostly due the league’s love of Wu Tang.  I’m not sure if I’ve seen West Coast play at all this year, so I can’t talk to0 much shit on them, but the Phoggy Dog spillover won’t save them this Sunday night.  Prediction: The Swarm > West Coast Saloon


Pool 6

Dirty Mike & The Boyz vs. Asteroid Head @ Lyons West 5pm

We all had pretty high expectations for Dirty Mike & The Boyz after their fantastic performance in the Game of the Week, but they haven’t done much since.  They are a team that is still improving, and working on those kickball kinks all mid-level teams experience on their way to… the upper-mid-level? Asteroid Head has had some amazing games against some great teams, Captain Clint Thrasher has whipped those pasty art nerds into shape, and I see them having a great showing in this year’s tournament.  Prediction: Asteroid Head > Dirty Mike & the Boyz

Wildman vs. Cork & Barrel @ Lyons West 6:30pm

Cork & Barrel has had a great performance for a first year team.  The Kaw Valley Kickball League has become incredibly competitive, and these guys could possibly end the regular season with a respectable 4-6 record.  Though, Wildman will do their best to stop the Corksuckers and finish their own regular season with a 5-5 record.  Not sure who has the best team, but I have to go with experience on this one. Prediction: Wildman > Corksuckers


Pool 7

Blue Collar Press vs. Tellers @ South Park 5pm

With the Tellerdactyls signature scream, and Blue Collar Press’ collective alcoholism, I imagine this will be one of the more fun games to watch this Sunday.  I’ve seen Tellers play once or twice, and they have a solid offense and great attitude while on the field.  I haven’t seen Blue Collar Press play, but I know a few people on their team, and they say good things… I don’t know where I’m going with this.  Prediction: Blue Collar > Tellers

Free State vs. Lawrence Gang Green @ South Park 6:30pm

After a poor showing in their division, Free State is finally getting their shit together with a 2-0 record in pool play.  Lawrence Gang Green of Lenexa is ranked at the bottom of their pool, and that means they have nowhere to go but up.  Both these teams are at a similar level of kicking, a few big boots that can play the fences, with little talent inside the diamond.  Unless they’re at a field with a shallow fence, these teams will have a hard time showing off.  I think Free State’s long-time experience in the league and solid outfield will put them ahead of Lawrence Gang Green. Prediction: Free State > Gang Green


Pool 8

Ms. Fortune’s vs. Harper Valley PTA @ Lyons East 5pm

I wish I could see this game, two teams that really understand that there is more to kickball than winning.  Unfortunately this is likely Ms. Fortune’s last game in the KVKL, because of a rule about forfeiting they’ll have to fight their way back into the league with the other desperate first-time teams.  Will they bring in some ringers and snap the longest losing streak in KVLK history? Will new-to-the-league Harper Valley PTA get their first ever win? Let’s just hope Ms. Fortune’s shows up. I’m going to miss those ladies.

Spacepussy vs. Weavers @ Lyons East 6:30pm

Yes, this is the Pussy vs. Beavers match-up we’ve all ben dreaming about.  Prediction: we all win… and Pussy > Beavers



This will be the only time I write about every match-up, I just wanted to get everyone in that I may have been neglecting over the summer.  Please don’t take anything I write seriously.


Hydrate, stretch, and party til you puke.


Love you guys,

Coach Billy Gay Cyrus


Here’s a video of a goat, crying for mom.