A viewer’s guide: simple story lines for week eight.

Looking for a few games to watch this Sunday?  I believe these are worth a look-see:

Lyons East – Weaver’s @ West Coast Saloon (5:30), Open Sky Landscaping @ Solidarity (7:00).  Both games feature teams with solid momentum.  These teams are adjusting to the competition, have tasted victory, and their respective confidence is growing.  Good luck all!

Hobbs – Love Garden @ Sacred Sword (9:00).  The “Game of the Week” should live up to the hype. As last year’s match was very close, one can reasonably expect more of the same.  Bunts, anyone?  While Sword is looking to keep the Garden at .500, LG is aiming to put down the SS rebellion.  Come have a hot dog, veggie burger, or other treat/drink at the ELNA snack shack and see for yourselves!

Water Tower – Screamers @ Blue Collar (5:30).  The Screamers keep winning games they should.  Another scrappy opponent awaits them at the top of the hill in Blue Collar.  Has anyone been in more close games?  If BC can keep it close, they’ll have a chance.  The Screamers, like Jazzhaus, are vying for an unblemished regular season record and the #1 seed heading into the playoffs. 

Woodlawn – The Eldridge @ Dead Cats (7:00).  The Eldridge can get back to it’s winning ways against their Div. opponent.   Phil’s squad is a fun opponent and improving every week.  The Eldridge needs this game but will the Dead Cats simply lay down?  We’ll see, oh yes, we will see.

Broken Arrow – Moustaches @ Jazzhaus (5:30).  The ‘Staches won’t have to wait long on Sunday for a crack at their first win.  Can they survive the confident Jazzhaus(ers)?  Or, will Jazzhaus overlook the ‘Staches b/c of their match with the Eastsiders next week?  This game is certainly forum material as it is potentially the last head-to-head battle of “0”s for the year.  The field, nicely located by the wetlands, houses bird-sized mosquitos AND a nearby restroom.  So, there’s that.

May your kicked balls be unfetchable.  Cheers!