Blessed are the few.

What is this game, this abomination?  These excruciating contests.  A stark reflection of our inner sanctity, perhaps?  Or, merely a gauge of what condemns us along with the rest of humanity.  We seek only temporal moments of fame, rather not lavishly and oft unwittingly.  Mired in libation, we consider Sunday’s sacrifice a well-reasoned event.  Most appropriate and mostly appreciated.  I am loathe to say that ’tis not a choice, but destiny that drives us forth.  Yet, I believe this to be an undeniable truth.  We kickballer’s have a will no greater than the ways we are so naturally compelled.  Neither regret nor regard serve us well in these moments while we bathe with the beauty of the game.  This ritualistic cleansing comes at a crucial time in our days, our weeks, our months.  Consider the maximum joy to be had while in labor of such contests……NAY, love(s).  Are these events not the definition of true love?  Good people of this Kaw Valley Kickball League, I ask that you come forth with your hearts.  Do not shame thyselves!  For it is this love that binds us.  May fortuna basque in all our glory and we hers.