Box Scores! Get yer Box Scores!

Posted by kgravy:

How about some box scores?! What follows is an attempt (by me a humble “contributor” here) to put up even more unnecessary info about all of ours’ favorite kids’ game (albeit all hipstered-out). Got my hands on a few scoresheets and thought I’d put ’em up.

Disclaimer: These puppies are really hard to read. If any of this information is wrong, I apologize. Some teams, I think, keep score in Mandarin maybe (while one or two might even use American Braille). Your comments are welcomed (in English only, please).

Anyhoo, Woody Park: First off, the games originally slated for South Park last Sunday–the 22nd–were moved not once (to hillcrest) but twice (to Woody Park). So Congratulations to all four teams for even getting their peeps to the right place. And thanks to the Commish for finding a suitable field on such short notice.

Think the Brew Baller’s liked the new venue? They came out of the gates en fuego

Brew Baller’s41430230017

The late game, though, was tense. Check out this line. Kudo’s to the Weaver’s crew, notching their first win against a team entering the week with a shot at securing the league’s top spot. And in style, too–2 runs in the bottom of the 9th?! Nice…

Yello Sub0100110104

The games at Lyons West:

Last week was the grand unveiling of some Cirque du Kickball, carnival-style atmosphere over at Lyons. And it did not disappoint. The 5.30 game looks like it was an incredible one. Its always great when you can open the evening with an extra-inning game. Both team came up BIG when the chips were down but Eldridge was just a little bigger. Great game. Wish I would have seen it…

Slow Ride101030210311

And another tight game in the 7.00 slot, but Larry poured it on late to buzz the ‘staches (sorry)…

Larry’s Buzz20120100410

But, in the nightcap, not so much. Hat’s off to the Growlers…

Free State50706430530
Mad Greek30010312011

And meanwhile, across the parking lot at Lyons East:

the 5.30 game might have lost a few bystanders to its neighbor to the west. The Screamers turned this one into a 7 inning yawner…

Liberty Hall00000000

same for the 7.00 offering. What can you say about the ‘haus? They pushed 11 different people across, by my count. Yikes…


but how ’bout that late game?! What a way to close the week. As near as I can tell (like I said earlier, all of this is merely my interpretation rather than any sort of transcription), longtime league gadfly Nick Lerner came across in the bottom of the 11th to put it away for the home team, after the ‘Cats had crawled back into it, hanging a string of zero’s up on the BC gang before ultimately coming up just a little short. THIS, my friends, is why they call it the Game of the Week…

Dead Cats020020012007
Blue Collar Distro104020000018