Hello friends!

Last night at 6pm the KVKL had its annual pre-season captains meeting–where the commissioner is officially introduced, the status of Cougar’s search for a team is discussed, and (most importantly) the first part of the regular season schedule is handed out.  Here are some of the main issues discussed by Commissioner Geoff Wright  (sporting slacks and a tucked in button-up shirt, so classy!):

1. All 30 teams from last year are returning! And two new teams have been added: THE CORK & BARREL CORKSUCKERS and HARPER VALLEY PTA (who I will be calling The Fighting Harpies)

2. Because we have 32 teams, we can now return to the original four division set-up from a few years back (William S. Burroughs, John Brown, Langston Hughes, and Carrie A. Nation).

3. There will be the standard ten game regular season, BUT the first seven (instead of five) games will be divisional play.  The last three games will resemble the pool play of previous years, where the board sets teams of equal strength against each other.

4. There will be no Ground Rule Triple (I will continue to fight this one). This was easily the shortest captains meeting since I joined the league, most likely because rule changes were hardly discussed.

5. There will be a game on Sunday, July 3rd (we usually have this weekend off for the holiday). DEAL WITH IT.

6. The tournament will take place over 3 weeks (last year it took place over a condensed 2 week period, and refs were hard to come by in the Less Awesome Bracket 3-games-in-a-row-madness).  If a whole Sunday of games is cancelled, the tournament will take place over a similar two-week period, but the Less Awesome Bracket will likely be cancelled.

7. Despite the vicious rumors, there will still be grass fields. (YAY!)

8. Deron Belt has beautiful new balls, and they’re reasonably priced!

9. There is a Referee Clinic THIS SUNDAY, MAY 15TH!!! From the KVKL website:

“Come to the Holcolm Left and Right fields this Sunday for an in-depth look at the most thankless job in kickball.  Whether you’re new to reffing games, a seasoned veteran, or Cougar, come on out and get some valuable info.  We’ll get started at 4:00, and probably play some ball after it’s done, so bring your questions and your cleats.  See you there!”

10. Apparently you will be able to call into the KVKL Podcast and talk to the panel, guests, and Cougar LIVE.  I’m not completely sure how this will work, or even the number to call, but it is very exciting.  Even more exciting, Jacki Becker will be the new host (at least for a few episodes).  If you haven’t heard, former host Gavon Laessig lives in New York and gets paid to blog about funny cat videos he finds on YouTube, he is also an asshole.

That’s all I can remember!

After looking at the 2011 KVKL Divisional Schedule (Week 1 through Week 7), I am excited to get this season started.  The quality of competitive teams seems to get better and better each season, my team’s schedule looks pretty f’ing tough.  I’m sure there are some great games in Week 1, but I can’t recognize half the teams, so I could be wrong.  Lawrence Gang Green of Lenexa? The Swarm? Star Bar Barracudas? Wilt Chamberlain? (I can only hope that there will be a Wilt Chamberlain vs. Chalmersiz match up in the final three weeks of pool play)

What games are you looking forward to? Did anybody kick cancer’s ass at the Mother’s Day tournament? Did you know that The Fighting Harpies already have their waivers in?! Anything at the meeting I forgot to mention? What’s pissing you off? Discuss.

Thanks to the KVKL Board Members for all their hard work!


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus

UPDATE:  According to Nate Bunnyfield (the podcast’s producer), the KVKL Podcast number is 785-504-4700.  Leave a message or call when Er Bear says they are recording. Also, the podcast will be live streaming!