Fresh, hot box scores

posted by kgravy:

First off, my apologies for not getting these up for the past two weeks. All things being what they are, I am a lazy bastard…

Water Tower:

Mad Greek21511640020
Open Sky00602011312

Hillcrest hosted some high-quality kickball this week, for sure. The Brewballers and Liberty Hall see-sawed back and forth the whole game, before the Brewballers blew the doors off in the 9th. And how ’bout the Lyon?! They clamped down on the Growlers and won a close one:

Liberty Hall0001121218
Red Lyon0002310219
Free State4000030108

But Woodlawn looks like it hosted the most exciting kickball on Sunday. Not only was the early Bar Bowl (pitting the Replay Lounge vs. the West Coast Saloon) a super-tight contest, but it was immediately followed up by the de facto game of the week–an 11 inning tilt between the Blue Collar ruffians and those hipster hecklers from Rangelife Records. Mad props to Zach, whose game-winning kick in the bottom of the 11th sealed the deal. The only thing this game o’ the week was missing was concessions. (And as a side note, Blue Collar Distro with their second 11 inning game of the season–they beat the Dead Cats 3 weeks ago, at Lyons–are definitely getting their money’s worth more than any other team so far this year:

Blue Collar200101110017

Over at Lyons West, both Eldridge and Sacred Sword kept marchin’ on:

Love Garden0100311006
Sacred Sword20232320014
Dead Cats0110101015

And at Lyons East, runs, runs, runs and one:

Sun Creations502101110020
Larry’s Buzz0100000001
Jayhawk Guttering42277004026

You gotta come back across the river, to South Park, for some more close-fought contests:

Grils w/LSE00503003011

And finally, the hard-fought games over at Hobbs included a couple more tight ones, between Yello Sub and the still-undefeated ‘haus of Jazz, and the Eastsiders over those moxie-licious Moustaches in the nominal game of the week:

Yello Sub12