Games and Stuff, week 3

When I first looked at the listings for tomorrow, I was all, like, That’s it? Not that exciting of a week overall, but there are a handful of games that ought to be pretty killer, assuming we’re not flooded city-wide.

Note. These are my weekly picks for games you’ll probably want to watch. Like usual.

Also note. Several games have been moved around from what was originally listed, specifically YSC games. If you’re unsure, be sure to check the Facebook group.


Mario Chalmersiz vs. Bad News Bagels @ 7 p.m., YSC

Mario Chalmersiz won the Governor’s Cup (again) over Das Boot in a come-from-behind game after being down 7-2 early. The defense clenched and it held on to a 9-8 win. Bad News Bagels, meanwhile, crushed the Screamers 31-0 last week, and beat Das Boot in the first week, 10-8. People will probably say “This game could go either way.” It will probably go in the Bagels’ favor. Chalmersiz’s defense has always been legit, but the Bagels are just a better team, strange as that may be to say.

The KVKL has changed—we all know that. Ever since 2011, more and more teams are becoming contenders. Happy Shirt is, of course, still the favorite (even after they all retire, they’d still find a way to win), but the Bagels are becoming the new HS—and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ben and co. in the title game this year.

Don’t get me wrong—the Mario Chalmersiz are still a great team. But, kinda like the real Mario Chalmers and the Heat, they’ve lost their LeBron and are gonna find it hard to make it back to its first Final Four since 2012 (when it lost a contentious game against Happy Shirt).

The winner of this game will have a strong lead in the Carrie A. Nation division with only one other contending team to play against (Los Matadores).

Bad News Bagels > Mario Chalmersiz

Happy Shirt vs. Kansas Tree Care @ 7 p.m., Hobbs

The pre-Game of the Week actual Game of the Week pits two of the best teams of the past five years of KVKL against one another, again, for, like, the fifth time in as many years. In fact, in the past three years alone, they’re a combined 78-12 (not including 2015).

Last season against KTC, Happy Shirt rallied from a 10-run deficit before winning 16-12. The year before, Happy Shirt prevailed 12-9, and in 2012, it went on to win 12-2. The last time KTC beat Happy Shirt was in 2011 when it decimated Happy Shirt in 2011’s Final Four game before going on to win the championship over Love Garden.

This year, KTC is a bit different. For starters, the obvious: no Kris Marshall. Of course, Kris is not the identity of this team. It has other players (crazy, I know), the majority of which have been a part of those deep tournament runs (championships in 2011 and 2013, Elite Eight in 2012, and Final Four in 2014). It has a near-impenetrable outfield, smart infield, and a fast top of the lineup. They’re all capable of getting on base—except Hannah—and some of the biggest legs in the league, still, including Josh, who definitely already has a home run or two this season, and definitely had one last season against Wildman. KTC’s game plan will be about the same as always: Fuck it, it’s not the playoffs.

Happy Shirt, though, is still Happy Shirt. It’s pretty good, doesn’t often lose games, and actually cares about this game. So much so that Tyler and co. were scouting both games KTC has played—the Liberty Hall Late Fees and the Free State Growlers. It’s also probably going to win.

Happy Shirt > KTC

Taco Tuesday vs. Ghosts @ Game of the Week

I never thought I’d live in a world in which Sacred Sword and Das Boot are 0-2, while Taco Tuesday is 2-0. In an unusual twist, Taco Tuesday has a big win over the Screamers (23-4) and a quality win over the Corksuckers (7-6). This is clearly a significantly different team than last year, already almost reaching its win total from last season. Capt. Adam Patterson must be having a hard time finding his team in the standings.

I’ve still not seen the Ghosts play an actual game since one of its Game of the Weeks a couple years ago. (That’s still weird, right? two Game of the Weeks in one season?) Anyway. The Ghosts are 0-2, including a close loss to Los Matadores last Sunday, 4-2, and an expected loss to the Chalmersiz, 14-5. If it can play as well defensively like against Los Matadores, the Ghosts have a decent shot at taking down the behemoth that is Taco Tuesday. (That sentence was really entertaining to write.)

This game, in spite of having a collective 2 wins, ought to be pretty entertaining as a whole. And if you really want to get into the spirit of the game, start following the Ghosts’ Katie Keating and Taco Tuesday’s Sarah Geo on Facebook as they relentlessly assault each other with kickball memes.

Taco Tuesday > Ghosts


Well. That’s it. Good luck and stuff and whatever.