Girl on Girl Kickball 2012

Looking to clean up your game a bit?  Come join the women of the KVKL for some girl on girl action this Saturday, July 14th from 4:00-8:30 PM at Lyons Park.  There will be lots of kickball, some grilling, drinking, and all sorts of carrying on.

This is an opportunity for the women of the league to come out and learn a few extra things from the captains and kickball heads of the KVKL.  A select group of captains and top-notch females will be on hand to demonstrate a few methods that can tighten up you game and give you a bit of insight about the game of kickball.  There will be something for players of every level, rookie and savvy veteran alike.  Or if there are a few things you are unclear on, rules or otherwise, this is your chance to get an honest, clear answer.

The instructional based information is all being provided on a volunteer basis, of course, so there is no need to worry about being screamed at like a drill sergeant at basic training.  Come out for the entire afternoon or just stop by to watch the games.  It’s totally up to you.  There will be full on kickball games played between all-female teams immediately following the instructional portion of the afternoon.

Things to be covered: Base running, Sliding, Catching the Ball, Place Kicking, Bunting, Pitching, Situational Strategy, and all of the basics of kickball.

Come join us or show up just to spectate.  There will also be lots of food for veg-heads and meat lovers alike.  Bring a pot luck side dish and your favorite beverages to keep cool.  There will also be a tip jar for donations for the food.

For additional information feel free to contact Jacki Becker at

It will be a fun filled evening for all.  We hope to see you there.

Happy Kickballing,