Hello to all 2009 KVKL blog followers

Hello fellow kickballers, this is Mike from Sacred Sword introducing myself as the new moderator for Sunday(s) in the Park. Deron felt, and i couldn’t agree with him more, that this site needs a new voice each year, and quite frankly I’m not sure i have the willpower to turn down such a great chance to shamelessly self promote. That being said, Paul Santos and I have come up with the perfect way for you to get ready for the upcoming kickball season (after all there are only 3 more seasons until the Mayan calendar says that kickball is over for good).

and the answer is…


Starting later in February, the 16th is the deadline, we would like to have 8 teams signed up with rosters in place and ready to dodge. If all goes according to plan not only will we start the league on the following Sunday, but also my team will go undefeated yet remain everyone’s humble favorite opponent. If you have any questions or interest please don’t hesitate to contact me at .

Thanks for reading and i hope to not totally muck up the blog.

Mike Tiffany, 1st base, Sacred Bunt Sword.