I can imagine a better ending to Sunday.

Crap.  Do I need mention the disappointment?  According to the LJW weather page, we have accumulated 5.36 inches of rain in nine (9) days.  Our normal precipitation to date (for the month of June) is 1.77 inches.  That’s, um, a bunch.  Some of that rain, along with wind and hail, was very impressive.  I’m acclimated to mid-western weather yet these storms have been dynamic.  Last night, I was one of those who thought we would be delayed by 15 minutes AT THE MOST.  If you didn’t know already, I’M AN IDIOT.  Nice to meet you.  I was also under the impression that we would push yesterday’s games to next week.  Wrong again.  The commission is still trying to figure out exactly how we’ll move forward.  More soon on that front.

Quickly……I did see some of the Sun Creations vs. Screamers match (which came within six outs of being a legal game before Zeus poured upon us with much vigor).  Kickballs were flying all over the yard, some wind-aided and some not.  Impressive kickers on both teams.  The Screamers are going to be tough as they play together more often.  Not to be taken lightly.  I fear the commission has grossly under seeded them.  Sun Creations should push for a spot in the finals.  With that collection of kickers, they are very good.  This would be a fun match to watch in week 10 if we move the game back (vs. eliminating week 2 games altogether).

And, lastly, rumour mill has it that Kelly Corcoran is planning his ‘retirement’ for this year.  I have no idea what the hell that means and I’ll try to get him to post something here to explain (if he’s willing).  Sitting atop his perch (in Love Garden), Kelly has been the mouth of the KVKL for several years.  The mover.  The shaker.  The unofficial KVKL operator, if you will.  I don’t intend that in a pejorative, or mean-spirited fashion.  He has had a dominant voice in this league since (and maybe before) Scott Edwards took the helm.  While he and I don’t always see eye to eye in terms of the league, his contributions have been enormous and I am very grateful to him.  Plus, if he does call it quits we will no longer hear KPR stories making fun of him and kickball (as it should be).  Kelly, AT LEAST consider that.