I’m feeling confessional.

I’ll admit it, I like seeing the younger teams do well.  This league has been top heavy for far too long.  Over the past few seasons, a KVKL fan could guess with relative ease which four teams would end up in the semis.  Doesn’t mean that it was an unexciting process, just predictable.  The last pleasant surprise was when Wildman snuck into the final four two years ago.  Still, it’s mostly been the same teams: Bottleneck, Billy Construction/Love Garden, Milton’s/Eastsiders, Jensens, and Papa Keno’s.  Maybe…MAYBE…this will be a year where we’ll have a couple of new teams in or around the finals.

Three games in, let’s size up those that remain undefeated:

Eldridge (played Sacred Sword, Larry’s Buzz, and Slowride) – As I have said before, I think this team has the best wins of the group.  They keep beating comparable teams, if only by a few runs, while gaining confidence.  The Eldridge earns the early season “Roll-aids Award” for it’s two late inning victories.  They have done an admirable job in managing what was once a colossal roster.  Next up, an improving Blue Collar Distro (Hobbs @ 5:30).

Jazzhaus (played West Coast Saloon, Liberty Hall, and Replay) – I caught part of their game against Replay.  Wow.  They are winning by substantial margins.  Chris has this team handing out head noogies (sp?).  Another person, former teammate with some members of this team, assures me that this is easily the best ‘new’ team with ability to topple the old guard.  They play Free State at Woodlawn (7) this Sunday.  Fun, fun, and fun. 

Free State (played Open Sky Landscaping, Dead Cats, and Mad Greek) – This team is spirited, flashily adorned, and has the look of an Australian rules football squad.  Free State also has history that goes back to the 2nd (?) season, I believe.  So, they’re due.  Maybe this will be the year they take down their rival Jayhawk Guttering (formerly Papa Keno’s).  Still, all eyes from Mordor* must now focus on the Jazzhaus. 

Screamers (played AstroKitty, Replay, and Liberty Hall) – Ah, yes…the Screamers.  They may have equal or better potential than Jazzhaus in becoming a good team.  This team is very good offensively and it will be interesting to see how they progress defensively.  When (oh when) will someone challenge the Screamers?  Larry’s Buzz perhaps (Hillcrest @ 5:30)?  

Please feel free to rank your own top 15 in the comment area below.  Enjoy!

*Please note- In NO WAY am I comparing Free State Brewing Company (who serves delicious foods and even more delicious libations) to the fire spewing volcano and home of an unmentionable Dark Lord who wields mind-altering powers.