Introductions – Two for the price of one

Justin Cox

Current team: Mick and Stylesiz’ Mario Chalmersiz

Rookie year: 2007

2007: Liberty Hall

2008-2013: Range Life Records/ Mario Chalmersiz / Vibralux Marios Chalmersiz / Mick and Stylesiz’ Mario Chalmersiz

I’m super excited to contribute to the blog this season. I spend way too much time thinking about kickball, more than is healthy for a 30-year-old. I’ve read every previous blog post and listened to all the podcasts – I’m a junkie, but I’m functional so it’s okay.

Well, semi-functional really. If scores are not posted right away, I hit refresh every 15 minutes until they are up. If podcasts are later than usual, I keep an extra window open on my desktop to keep an eye out. My hands shake, my eyes twitch, it isn’t pretty. Essentially, being a co-pilot on this blog will allow me to get my fix without the pushers.

I had some ideas in the offseason about collecting more stats than just wins and losses, so I will try my darndest to include this type of information in my posts.  I am also interested in if teams are on the rise or decline this year, so I will be looking at the league through a 2012-filter. I think it will paint a more vivid picture of how particular games are played and how teams are performing through the season. I don’t want to give too much away because I don’t want you to know how much I’m winging it, so I’ll leave it at that.

Kickball stats! You are correct, I’m upping the nerd-ante.

Elizabeth Schafer

Current team: The Ghosts

Rookie year: 2008

2008-2010: Red Lyon

2011-2013:The Ghosts

I can’t wait to be half of the voice of Sundays in the Park blog this summer, bringing you kickball-lovers all that gotta have, must know information you’ve been jonesing for since the championship last season. I want to keep it upbeat and entertaining, since this is, after all, a game that has been and continues to be, best played by 3rd graders in an elementary school playground. Yeah, we got skills, but hopefully we can all agree that fun should be the name of the game.

Be prepared for some new insights. And possibly some interviews from some fellow players. No boring numbers here folks. I’m more focused on highlighting what makes our league, the teams, and individuals special and really sets us aside from any other adult kickball enthusiasts. Don’t get me wrong, statistics are what measures a successful team apart from the rest, but I’m no math wiz, let’s be honest.

Call me crazy, but I truly believe that at the end of the day, win or lose, everyone wants to enjoy their time on the field. And what makes that better than PBR cans, male short shorts, fireworks, and streakers?! Let’s celebrate those players and teams who add to the quality of the league and get away from nit-picking rules and yelling at each other. I want to showcase the lighter, fun side of this whole experience, including a compilation of “Week’s Best” as well as highlights of the Game of the Week.

“My whole philosophy is to broadcast the way a fan would broadcast.” -the immortal Harry Carey.  Yep.