July 19 Predictions

by Mike Tiffany

First off, let me start by printing a retraction. Much like a language based bull in an internet china shop, I hastily posted some new rules on my week 12 predictions post. Let it be known that those rules are not yet a part of the KVKL rules and should not be played as such. Deron Belt has assured me that they are working day and night to find the proper language so that they can be ratified, however we are not quite to that point, so please don’t take them literally when reffing your games this week. I speak of course to you: Adam, Geoff, Chris, Deron, Adrian, and myself largely the only community to apparently read this thing.

now. predictions. I’m in a bit of a time pinch so no scores to accompany today.

Weavers over screamers
channel 6 over Miltang clan
pita pit over jazzhaus
first blood over love garden
tellers over rangelife
sacred sword over easysiders
free state over lady lumps
open sky over solidarity
das boot over brewballers
eldridge over red lyon
blue collar over wildman
West Coast over Girls with LSE
Mad Greek over yellow Sub
Replay over Slow Ride
Liberty Hall over Astrokitty

good games this week all and if anyone knows the outcomes of the games before they get posted on the main site feel free to shoot over the results int he comments so we can see how clairvoyent i am.