July 26 Predictions

by Mike Tiffany

Astrokitty over Screamers (i think pauls puppets are going to take this one)
Eldridge over Brew Ballers (going to be close for sure but i think the ghosts have it)
Love Garden over Jazzhaus (this one will be too close for comfort in my opinion but as long as love garden wins, my strengh of schedule is high).
Tellers over Red Lyon (no brainer, sorry lyon, but your heat went to the haus)
Rangelife over Das Boot (upgrade to Rangelife for super solid play, downgrade to curtis for being pissy and downgrading sword)
Eastsiders over Pita Pit (this is my upset o’ the week, also downgrade to curtis for his jean jacket)
Sacred sword over first blood (like i could pick any other way, also downgrade to curtis for his ever present midriff)
Weavers over yellowsub (another close one)
Liberty Hall over Mad Greek (I hope their ref choices are strong)
Miltons over Slowride (Mil tang clan aint nothing to muck with)
BCP over channel 6 (NL needs to run the bases on a bunt for the winning point though)
Wildman over Replay (they’ll all be wasted)
Open Sky over Free state (i think open is going 5 and 5 this year)
West Coast over Solidarity (nuff said)
Girls with LSE over Lady Lumps (GWLSE have some good karma coming their way).

As always, let me know if you disagree and feel free to post your games/other games you know the outcomes of here so we can see just how intelligent that i am not.