KVKL 2011 – Week 3 Preview

Hey friends,

Week 3! OMG!


Home Run

Screamers (2-0) vs. The Squids (2-0)


I saw the Screamers play in Week 1, and they’re an all around strong team.  They don’t bunt because they don’t need to—all their kicks are well placed, powerful, and nearly impossible to catch.  I haven’t seen The Squids in action, but I hear they’re just as good as ever with a few new players.  This will likely be the game that decides who will hold the number one and number two spots in the Carrie A. Nation Pool. Prediction: The Squids > Screamers (I’m giving up on guessing scores)


Triple Game of the Week

Slowride (1-1) vs. Brew Ballers (1-0)


Another badass Game of the Week!!! I’m not sure how the Brew Ballers are doing this year.  Their first game of the season against Blue Collar was certainly a strong showing, but not very revealing.  On Sunday they will be playing two games, with an early matinee (3:30pm at Hobbs) against Los Luchadores and a late night game under the lights against Slowride—two very good teams. The league will know a lot more about the Brew Ballers after Sunday’s games. We’ll see if they have the stamina to play multiple games in one day this early in the season.  Slowride is filled with athletes and will be looking to regain a winning record after a six-point loss to Los Luchadores last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some of them in the stands taking notes during the BB vs. LL game.  Prediction: Slowride > Brew Ballers (also, Los Luchadores > Brew Ballers… they’re going to have a tough day)



Balls Deep (2-0) vs. Replay Rowdies (1-1)


After ref’n for the Balls Deep vs. West Coast game last week, I think it’s safe to say these guys are just as strong as they were last year.  I’ve practiced with the Rowdies and though a scrimmage is very different than a game, these guys are just as good as the undefeated Balls Deep team.  Even though the Rowdies had an amazing inning last week, where they scored ten runs in a single inning, I see this one being a very low scoring defensive game that could go either way. These are two teams that are very passionate about kickball; I wouldn’t want to be a ref for this one (but I would want to watch it). Prediction: Balls Deep > Rowdies



Channel 6 (1-1) vs. Asteroid Head (1-1)


One of the nicest teams in the league versus one of the most fun teams in the league gives us yet another great game to watch this Sunday.  Channel 6 held the powerful Goats to four points, so their defense can’t be that bad. They also put thirty-six points up on The Fightin’ Harpies in week 1, so they have some boots and probably can run the bases pretty well, too.  Asteroid Head is a very different team than when they were last year’s Rookies of the Year. They’re taking kickball a bit more seriously this season with Clint Thrasher officially becoming their captain (former Late Fee, no big deal), and he is carefully shaping them into a major threat.  Prediction: Cougar > Jason Barr


Peanuts and Crackerjacks

Wildman (1-1) vs. West Coast Saloon (0-2)


Wildman had an impressive win against the Replay Rowdies last week and I look forward to seeing how they do during this one.  West Coast Saloon looked good last week against Balls Deep, and could walk away with a win if they get the early lead and minimize defensive errors.  I’m really not sure about this game, but in the end I see Wildman holding West Coast and earning a winning record.  Prediction: Wildman > West Coast


Honorable Mention

Liberty Hall (2-0) vs. Das Boot (2-0)


I really didn’t want to write about my own team this week, but I think this will be a great game that shows whether Liberty Hall is a top level team, or just a really awesome “mid-level” team. The Swarm kicked mostly inside the diamond when we played them last Sunday, and once we adjusted our defense we were able to keep them from scoring as we inched back and eventually won. The Swarm and The Late Fees are on a similar level at this point in the season, and if we played them again the game would be just as close, with whoever had the home field advantage probably winning.  Das Boot is a different sort-of team that bunts to get on base, and then has an army of great kickers. Not sure how this one will end, but I doubt a seventh inning proposal is going to help tip the game in the Late Fees’ favor. Prediction: Brett Fucking Allen pitches a no-hitter while on psychedelics.




Coach Billy Gay Cyrus’ Official KVKL Top 5

1.    Los Luchadores (1-0) …no one has beat the champs, so they remain #1

2.    Pita Pit (2-0)

3.    Sacred Sword (2-0)

4.    Chalmersiz (2-0)

5.    Love Garden (2-0)


Do your stretches, hydrate, and get boozed up.  Let’s keep this the best KVKL season in history with another Sunday of kick ass games and fun times.  Remember: Most fun wins.



Coach Billy Gay Cyurs


Sorry this was posted so late, here’s a little gift for you…


P.S. Thanks to The Swarm for giving me the best kickball game of my life.