KVKL 2011 – Week 4 Preview


As usual I’m running behind. Since this should have come out two days ago, I’ll keep it short, sweet, and poorly written.  Game of the Week is cancelled, so come on down to Edgewood and join The Rowdies, The Squids, and other teams for a Sunday night BBQ of the Week!


Home Run

Weavers (0-3) vs. Cork and Barrel (0-3)

One of these teams will get their first win of the season today! I haven’t played the Corksuckers, so I’m going to pick Weavers because they know the rules. Weavers > Corksuckers



Wilt Chamberlain (1-2) vs. Channel 6 (2-1)

At the beginning of the season I figured Wilt Chamberlain would be a team entering week four with a winning record, and Channel 6 a team working hard to get a winning record. I was wrong.  This game will prove to be a fantastic examination of the strength of these two teams, but looking at the previous three weeks I see Channel 6 earning another win. I’m disillusioned with the ex-Jazzhaus team, but I would love them to prove me wrong tonight. Channel 69 > The Stilts


Double – BBQ of the Week

Love Garden (3-0) vs. Replay Rowdies (2-1)

The Rowdies always put on a good show. I’ll be there. Love Garden > Rowdies



Das Boot (3-0) vs. The Swarm (1-2)

Das Boot is a great team with the versatility to play small ball or kick away, while still running up the score.  I was really impressed with their offense last week.  I’ve only seen The Swarm play once this season, and they lean towards short well-placed kicks.  If the Swarm can figure out an effective defense, and is playing their A-Game, they could earn a win against The Boat.  Though, I imagine Das Boot will continue to inch their way to the top five with anther win in the William S. Burroughs pool. Das Boot > The Swarm


Peanuts & Crackerjacks

Brew Ballers (1-2) vs Red Lyon (2-1)

Nobody likes losing two games in a single day, so The Brew Ballers will be craving a win against Red Lyon to regain some momentum lost during their Week 3 loses.  Red Lyon hasn’t been challenged since Week 1, and the Brew Ballers will be looking to exploit that.  These are two very strong teams, and this will certainly be a close game.  In the end, I see Red Lyon getting their third win of the season, especially since Nick Lerner busted his “Boo The Bunt” campaign with a bunt earlier this season.  I’m starting a “Heckle the Haters” campaign—the bunt sucks, but it’s a useful tool for teams that don’t have an army of big kicks (and a useful tool for teams with big kicks, that want to fuck with you). It’s especially nice for new players who want to get on base, and are still working out the awkwardness of kicking a KVKL kickball.  Bunting is no fun to watch, but never reaching first base is worse for the player.  In the end, the bunt is part of the game, just like the ridiculous Ground Rule Double and the absence of an Infield Fly Rule. Red Lyon > Brew Ballers; Bunting > Lerner


Chilly Dog’n It

Ghosts (3-0) vs. Pita Pit (3-0)

Two undefeated teams! Pita Pit is poised to take the win, but the Ghosts are a great team and Pita’s first real challenge of the season. I’m going to call the upset. Anything’s possible on a KVKL Sunday!  Ghosts > Pita Pit (deal with it!)



Coach Billy Gay Cyrus’ Official KVKL Top 5

1. Los Luchadores (3-0) ….still the champs

2. Pita Pit (3-0) …still crazy good.

3.  Sacred Sword (3-0) …tough as fuck.

4. Love Garden (3-0) …moving them up a spot, because Chris Ford is a badass.

5. Chalmersiz (3-0) …don’t be fooled by their less than impressive win last week, they’ll have their full squad from here on out.


Yeah buddy! Stretch! Hydrate! Make it fun!  


Drive fast, take chances,

Coach Billy Gay Cyrus