KVKL 2011 – Week 8 Preview

The Less Awesome Bracket Trophy Case, built by Brett Fucking Allen.

Hey buddies,

We’re entering Week 8, the first week of pool play.  It’s time for your team to take things a little more serious as we enter the final three weeks of extremely competitive games.  By 5pm there is a 30% chance of rain, and temperatures will be in the mid-90s—still hot as balls, but it sounds pretty nice after a month of triple digit temperatures.  Remember to hydrate, stretch, and kick those balls hard and fast.



Grand Slam

Das Boot (6-1) vs. Star Bar Barracudas (6-1)  at Holcomb Left 5:30pm

These are two very powerful teams that could have easily been ranked ones in their respective divisions.  Das Boot has one of the best offenses I’ve seen this year, it’s nearly impossible to stop their perfectly placed balls. They’re fast, smart, and don’t make errors.  The Star Bar Barracudas might have a new name, but they are an old team with a tradition of kicking ass. The former Eastsiders are my dark horse (if they can even be considered a dark horse) to win it all this year.  The Barracudas have the talent, the determination, and are improving with every game—nine out of ten times they will beat you.  PREDICTION Star Bar > Das Boot.


Home Run

Pita Pit (7-0) vs. Sacred Sword (7-0) at Holcomb Right 5:30pm

Looks like Holcomb is the place to be at 5:30 this Sunday.  Pita Pit is still the number one team in the league. They’re undefeated this season, have two championships, and they are all business during their games.  Sacred Sword’s attitude seems less intense than in previous years, but their athletic abilities have only improved, I can’t wait to see how the perform against all the other one seats.  When my team played Pita Pit during the Fourth of July weekend games, I saw a team that could be beat—perhaps they were having an off game, but either way they’re not always perfect.  Sacred Sword will need to play their best to take The Pit down, and I’ve heard they only play better the sweatier they get. PREDICTION Pita Pit > Sacred Sword (I’m being more conservative with my picks, since Jacki Becker called me out on the podcast for my less-than-perfect picks last week)



Screamers (5-2) vs. Los Luchadores (5-2) at South Park at 7pm

Los Luchadores finally got their groove back last week, getting a win after two loses.  The Screamers had their second loss during a very close game against The Replay Rowdies last Sunday.  I’m still not 100% sure on the strength of Los Luchadores, I feel like they are a very talented team that plays pretty inconsistently.  The Screamers have been a top ten team for at least three years now, and I imagine their extra years on the Luchadores are really going to pay off today.  PREDICTION Screamers > Los Luchadores



The Swarm (3-4) vs. Channel 6 (3-4) at Broken Arrow 5:30pm

These are two of my favorite teams to play. They are both competitive and have an extremely fun time playing adult kickball.  They also both play the game very differently, The Swarm’s team only has a few big kicks and they mostly play small ball, their kicks are well placed and their running is smart and squirrelly.  Channel 6 has several very powerful kickers and The Cougar Factor, if they can get the balls over The Swarms head and keep Cougar’s hat on, they may take down The Swarm. PREDICTION The Swarm > Channel 6



The Ghosts (4-3) vs. Wilt Chamberlin (4-3) at Hobbs Park at 9pm – Game of the Week

To rank this game in the “Single” category seems a little wrong, but we’ve entered pool play and all the games are pretty fucking spectacular right now.  The Ghosts are likely the strongest team in The Fours, they were only kept out of The Threes by a single point.  Wilt Chamberlin isn’t as tough as when they were The Jazzhaus, but I still feel like they could tighten up and be a serious threat to any team, they definitely have the players.  This will be a great Game of the Week, and a prefect way to start the most intense part of the 2011 KVKL season.  Though, In the end The Stilts didn’t provide refs for The Game of the Week last week, and a member of The Ghosts stepped in to ref at third… so, PREDICTION The Ghosts > Wilt The Stilts


Once again, all the games this week (and for the next two weeks) are amazing, and I apologize if I’m leaving your game out.  Feel free to write about your favorite games in the comments below, make predictions, and talk shit.  It’s pool Play time!!! Get ready for some EXXXTREME KICKBALL!!!!


Hugs and kicks,

Coach Billy Gay Cyrus