KVKL 2019 Division Preview

KVKL 2019 Division Preview

Predicted order of finish and record:

Kansas Tree Care (5-0)
River City Matadores (3-2)
Pawsh Wash (3-2)
Ghosts (2-3)
Sacred Sword (1-4)
Jayhawker CrossFit (1-4)

KTC is the clear favorite here, and honestly it would be surprising if they didn’t win every game by 10+. Los Mats, Pawsh, and potentially even Ghosts have a chance to sneak into the 2’s as there is no clear favorite for that spot. Sword finished last season very strong and could give a few teams trouble, and JCF is brand new — but everything I’ve heard leads me to believe they won’t go winless.

Muddy Waters (5-0)
Ladybird Harpies (4-1)
Hurtz Donut D-Holes (3-2)
Corksuckers (2-3)
Bunt N Grind (1-4)
Empire Kicks Back (0-5)

Muddy Waters has clearly separated themselves as a true championship contender after their second half surge and run to the title game last year, so anything but a 5-0 record and a place in the #1 seeds will be a disappointment. Ladybird and Hurtz have played a few classic games over the past two seasons, and both should be 3-1 heading into their week 5 tilt to decide who goes to the #2’s — can’t wait to watch that one at Hobbs Park! Corksuckers and Bunt N Grind are always solid middle of the pack teams that can occasionally produce a surprising result. Empire Kicks Back is building from the ground up.

Black Stag (5-0)
The Red Legs (4-1)
The Woost (3-2)
The Rats (2-3)
23rd St. Brewery (1-4)
Liberty Hall Late Fees (0-5)

Black Stag lost a little bit of talent over the offseason but they always seem to bring in a key free agent or two, so their slot at the top is secure. The Red Legs have finished in the #2’s every year since 2016, no reason to expect a change now. 3 and 4 is a toss-up, but Woost beat the Rats last year head-to-head so I have to give them the nod here. The Rats have been on the come-up for years but have never quite been able to break through with a big win to vault them into the upper echelon, is this the year? 23rd St. Brewery and Liberty Hall face off in week one in what is likely each teams best chance for a win during division play — I’m going with Beer>Movies.

Lawrence Shirt Factory (5-0)
Red Lyon Tavern (3-2)
Kicking Assets (3-2)
Jazzhaus (3-2)
Drop Stoppers (1-4)
JSC ElectriKick Eels (0-5)

Lawrence Shirt Factory might actually be a tad vulnerable this year, depending on what kind of talent they were able to bring on board this offseason to mitigate a few losses, but they still own division play in general and Red Lyon specifically, so no chance they drop out of the #1’s. Red Lyon, Kicking Assets, and Jazzhaus should be a great three way race for the #2 seed, though I’ll give the nod to Lyon based on pedigree alone. Jazz is bringing back all their youngsters from last year and are definitely a team to watch, while Kicking Assets is the two-time defending Diana plate winners — c’mon, please don’t make it three in a row. Drop Stoppers lost quite a bit of talent over the offseason, but still should have enough juice to hold off JSC for the #5.

Chalmersiz (4-1)
John Denver Experience (4-1)
Johnny’s Tavern (3-2)
Free State Growlers (3-2)
Misfit Toys (1-4)
Reading Rockets (0-5)

The most unpredictable division of 2019. Chalmersiz and John Denver are the co-favorites and will face-off in week one, winner obviously has a huge leg up for the #1 seed. Johnny’s and Free State are nipping at their heels, and either of them could slide into the #2 spot if everything breaks right. Those two have a massive Game of the Week on June 9th, and whoever drops that one and moves into the #4’s will be the prohibitive favorite. Misfit Toys is a feisty bunch and are liable to pick off a team or two seeded higher than them, and we can only hope their rematch against Rockets provides the drama of last seasons week 5 GOTW. This division will be chaos.

Goeser’s Good Neighbors (5-0)
Love Garden Squids (4-1)
Reboot XXX (3-2)
Soda Jerks (2-3)
AsteroidHEAD (1-4)
Patrick MaHomies (0-5) 

Goeser’s over Love Garden for the top spot based on last seasons wild 21-20 result. It’s time for the Good Neighbors to have the season Bryson has been telling us they’re capable of. Reboot and SodaJerks week 4 GOTW should decide the 3/4, and I’m going with the veteran laden Boot’s. AsteroidHEAD will be AsteroidHEAD until the end of time, wildly fun, wildly inconsistent, and always in the 5’s. The MaHomies should be better, their time to shine will come in rank play.

Way too early predictions:
The Cup – Kansas Tree Care
The Twain – Hurtz D-Holes
The Plate – Jazzhaus
The Boot – Reading Rockets