League Round-Up: 2021 Ranked Pool Play Begins

Welcome back, kickballers! After a one-year sabbatical, Lawrence’s diamonds are once again graced by the cleats of the KVKL. As might be expected, several teams disbanded over the intermission; The Matadores became The Matadones, Chalmersiz is Chalmersizn’t, and Misfit Toys finally got picked up by Santa and taken to children across the globe who would appreciate them. The three teams to take those spots in the league are Louise’s Downtown Kickball, Hookah House, and Home Loans. Now, let’s take a brief look at each pool and how the teams fared last season:

#1 Seeds

Johnny’s Tavern (5-0)

2019 Finish: Pool 2, 4th place; Cup Quarters

Kansas Tree Care (5-0)

2019 Finish: Pool 1, 1st place; Cup Runners-Up

Ladybird Harpies (5-0)

2019 Finish: Pool 4, 2nd place; Plate Winners

Muddy Waters Studio (5-0)

2019 Finish: Pool 1, 2nd place; Cup Winners

Post Haus (5-0)

2019 Finish: Pool 1, 4th place (Black Stag); Twain Runners-Up

Athletic Republic Red Legs, The (5-0)

2019 Finish: Pool 2, 2nd place; Twain Winners

#2 Seeds

D-Holes by Bickelberg Farm (4-1)

2019 Finish: Pool 2, 3rd place (Hurtz Donut D-Holes); Twain Semis

Honey Badgers (4-1)

2019 Finish: Pool 3, 1st place (Rats, The); Twain Semis

John Denver Experience (4-1)

2019 Finish: Pool 1, 3rd place; Cup Quarters

Lawrence Shirt Factory (4-1)

2019 Finish: Pool 2, 1st place; Cup Quarters

Love Garden Squids (4-1)

2019 Finish: Pool 1, 6th place; Cup Semis

Red Lyon Tavern (4-1)

2019 Finish: Pool 3, 2nd place; Cup Quarters

#3 Seeds

Corksuckers (3-2)

2019 Finish: Pool 3, 6th place; Plate Quarters

Dynamic Fastener Drop Stoppers presented by Mr. P’z Bar and Grill and Mike Perz and Associates* (3-2)

2019 Finish: Pool 4, 3rd place (Drop Stoppers); Plate Quarters

Free State Growlers (3-2)

2019 Finish: Pool 4, 1st place; Twain Quarters

Jazzhaus (3-2)

2019 Finish: Pool 1, 5th place; Twain Quarters

Woost, The (3-2)

2019 Finish: Pool 4, 6th place; Plate Semis

XXXoxo (3-2)

2019 Finish: Pool 3, 5th place (ReBoot XXX); Twain Quarters

#4 Seeds

AsteroidHEAD Vitalized by KANbucha (2-3)

2019 Finish: Pool 5, 2nd place; Plate Quarters

Bunt N Grind (2-3)

2019 Finish: Pool 5, 5th place; Plate 2nd Round

Mass St. Soda Jerks (2-3)

2019 Finish: Pool 4, 5th place: Plate 2nd Round

R-Bar Patio (2-3)

2019 Finish: Pool 6, 4th place (Jayhawker Crossfit); Boot Semis

Sacred Sword (2-3)

2019 Finish: Pool 4, 4th place; Twain Quarters

Liberty Hall Late Fees (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 6, 2nd place; Plate 2nd Round

#5 Seeds

23rd Street Brewery (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 5, 4th place; Plate 2nd Round

Brew Tang Clan (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 6, 5th place (Joplin Supply Company’s EletriKick Eels); Boot Runners-Up

Ghosts (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 5, 3rd place; Plate 2nd Round

Kicking Assets Goesers State Farm (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 5, 6th place (Kicking Assets); Plate 2nd Round

Pawsh Wash Filthy Animals (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 3, 4th place; Plate Quarters

Young Spine & Joint Chiropractic (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 2, 6th place (Goesers Good Neighbors); Cup Semis

#6 Seeds

Nick Lerner’s Patrick MaHomies (1-4)

2019 Finish: Pool 6, 3rd place; Boot Winners

Empire Kicks Back (0-5)

2019 Finish: Pool 6, 6th place; Boot Semis

Home Loans (0-5)

2019 Finish: Non-Applicable

Hookah House (0-5)

2019 Finish: Non-Applicable

Louise’s Downtown Kickball (0-5)

2019 Finish: Non-Applicable

Reading Rockets (0-5)

2019 Finish: Pool 6, 1st place; Plate 2nd Round

Week 6 Game of the Week

Love Garden Squids @ John Denver Experience

Hobbs Park 9:15 pm

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