Liz’s post: WEEK 2!!

Now that the season is in full swing, how about all the new jerseys? Nothing like a fresh design in the summer time! I’ve got a few nominations for best new jersey: The Ghosts wrap around Ghost/Pac Man design (don’t forget the PBR can); the Matadores tanks because who is gonna see the guns if you’re wearing sleeves; and the shall we say, subtle, design of $P@C3Pu$$y!’s new shirts. Let me know if you’ve got any other favorites. We’ll vote next week for the best new jersey!!

Here are my “Week’s Best” for Week 2:

Best ensemble: Liberty Hall, hands down! Any team that plays in tuxedo shirts and dresses… need I say more.

Best facial hair: Dan from Tellerdactyles; do you think he uses mustache wax?

Cutest dog: Hank, the lab puppy from Red Lyon; who wouldn’t want to take him home with you

Shortest shorts: Nicole from Tellerdactyles; cuh-caw! The ‘dactyles represented this week

Best sportsmanship: We all win this week! No outstanding squabbles reported so everyone gets a pat on the back. Let’s keep this up guys!! Its a long season so keep things amicable.

Least sportsmanship: Any one that yelled at a ref. These are VOLUNTEERS, people. They are giving up their free time to help out. Let’s remember that its their call and as much as you might disagree, just swallow it and move on.

GOTW proved to be an exciting match up. Granted I am a little biased (GO GHOSTS!!!), it was a fun game to play. The Ghosts took an early lead, but after a few lead changes, the Liberty Hall Late Fees pulled it out, winning 17-16. Props to the Fees for their well placed kicks. Good game guys!!

And in case you missed it, Cougar was crowned the official Prom King of the 2013 KVKL Season. As if there was any competition, right?! You look lovely in that sash, Cougs! It really brings out the color of your eyes.