Liz’s Post: WEEK 4

Despite some mixed feelings about being displaced from our regular fields this week due to a softball tournament, there were some surprising upsets.  Love it or hate it, grass fields were in play this week, reminding us that its a whole different ball game than on dirt.  Which do you prefer?

Trying to mix it up a bit and getting some great input from other players, here are this weeks best picks:

Shortest shorts: Carolyn of the Love Garden Squids; stylish and short, transcends normal sports apparel

Best facial hair: the Owen-Pat-Geoff combo in the Asteriod Head kicking line up; taking tie-dye and manscaping to a whole new level

Best ensemble: Das Boot for their matching shirts, shorts and hats; we got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how ’bout you?!

Cutest dog: Mr. Bojangles, spotted after the Brew Ballers/MUrda game; a little keg on legs, who could resist a dog with a name like that

Best sportsmanship: the the intro provided by the Goats for James Finley; think Jock Jams… even though he’s playing for a new team, they still got love for ya’! 

Least sportsmanship: the unreasonably grumpy woman who wouldn’t let her brow-beaten husband return balls at Edgewood park; we get it, you hate fun, but come on lady, REALLY??!

Jamarie Traylor of KU basketball notoriety threw out the first pitch for Game of the Week, yet again illustrating the vast reach that KVKL has in our community.  I must say, hats off to all the GOTW teams who have played so far for really stepping up their party game and taking it from being just a game to an event!  And thanks go out to Rob Z of the Squids for providing The Balloon Man’s talents all night.  In what turned out to be a solid victory for Das Boot over the Squids, there were errors not usually seen by two teams of such caliber.  Starting off strong, the Squids just couldn’t hang on, eventually succumbing 13-9.