Liz’s Week 3

This week’s GOTW was extremely close, with the Red Lyon and Happy Shirt, formerly Pita Pit, going head to head.  Both teams brought their A game, making for a very quick, high energy match-up.  Both teams clearly have a firm grasp on taking advantage of missed opportunities by the other team as well as confidence in their base running.  Dare I say one of the best Game of the Weeks in quite a while!!  In the end, Happy Shirt pulled it out, defeating the Red Lyon, though it was a hard fought victory.

Here are my “Week’s Best” for Week 3:
Best ensemble: the new jerseys; favorites this week were the Goats and Liberty Hall
Best facial hair: Dan Pem, representing for all those bushy bearded guys out there; and thanks again for starting GOTW off right with the Star Spangled Banner
Cutest dog: Sugar Bear, the Rottweiler puppy; who doesn’t love a cute little puppy butt
Shortest shorts: the girl in the sherbet colored Daisy Duke mom shorts at Holcom; didn’t catch your name but I also didn’t know that jean shorts could defy physics like that
Best sportsmanship: the league-wide shotgun, brought to you by the adorable lushes of the Red Lyon; thanks guys!!

UPDATE: I play for the ghosts.  We wear shirts with bright orange, glow in the dark ghosts on the front and I can usually be heard yelling above most of the other noise, probably obscenities.  Our schedule is posted on the KVKL website, just like everyone else’s.  If there is something so vitally important that I’m missing each week and you feel like it must be included, please feel free to come and find me to let me know.  How could I possibly be able to capture in one weekly post all that is so great about our league?  Or physically be able to make it to every single game and still be able to partake in the fun that is a Sunday spent playing kickball? I write about all the fun stuff, you remember what that is right?!