Midweek post.

by Mike Tiffany

Sorry for the delay on the post here guys/gals, amidst the self loathing that came from the 3 game skid Sacred Sword is a part of, and the fact that Curtis has listed my team as an official “downgrade,” I just didn’t feel like stepping up to the proverbial plate and writing out my thoughts. There was, however, an instance this week at one of our games that needs to be mentioned. During the game between West Coast Saloon and Girls with LSE, Andrew from GWLSE was a part of an incident on the field in which his head hit the ground which caused him some pretty serious trauma. I won’t go in to much more detail that than as I don’t want to be a part of faulty reporting, but that isn’t the issue here. He was rushed to LMH, and is now subsequently still under observation due to a blood clot in his brain at KU Med. He is also uninsured. There are going to be many fundraisers over the next couple of weeks (including a drive at the game of the week this week) so I would encourage anyone who is able to donate and help him out as he is now going to have 5-6 days of full medical treatment to cover which is no small amount.

please take the time to let people who may not frequent this blog or the forums about this issue and the efforts to help Andrew as I’m sure he would appreciate any help we could give him at this point.