Hey there,

Week 9 is over, and there were a metric shit ton of badass kickball games.  Hobbs park seemed extra packed last night for the Double Game of the Week–Wilt Chamberlain vs. The Ghosts picking up where they left off after being rained out last week, and Das Boot vs. The Chalmersiz starting a little later and kicking balls to almost 11pm.  The National Anthem at the beginning of the game was pretty perfect, both teams lining up with their hands over their hearts, trumpet blaring, drunks mumbling words that resemble something like the actual lyrics.  I see no reason why we can’t do the Anthem every Game of the Week, we’re a league of bartenders and band members, let’s make this happen.  As far as games of interest, The Swarm beat the Brew Ballers by two runs at South Park, Sacred Sword fell to Love Garden (allowing the two undefeated teams in the League to meet in the Game of the Week next Sunday), Ms. Fortune’s had to forfeit their second game of the season, Tellers just barely fell to Free State in a low scoring 4-6 game, West Coast beat Channel 6 by one run, and The Ghosts escaped Red Lyon by a few runs.  In our game at Holcomb Left The Fees shared the shaded dugout with Los Luchadores, which I think every team should have to do–it’s much harder to be a dick when you actually hang out with the other team and remember that they’re people, too.  The lead changed a couple times in our game, unfortunately we were missing a few key defensive players and it showed, but we had a metric shit ton of fun and most fun always wins.


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus