Monday Morning & Hungover – Week 5 Review

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Coach Billy Gay Cyrus on Los Luchadores vs. Dirty Mike and the Boys, “…one of the most lopsided GOTWs I can remember.” It’s official, I’m an asshole.

Loved having kickball this weekend, and despite how uneven Week 5 match-ups first appeared there were some really great games (including the biggest upset in Game of the Week history).  Over at Lyons East The Late Fees had an early two point lead over Pita Pit, as we held them scoreless for three innings.  Then The Fees started making small defensive errors that Pita quickly turned into runs.  If it was a little later in the season, I think we could have kept it much closer, final score 2-11 Pita over Fees. The Chalmersiz vs. Brew Ballers game was one of the more festive events I have refereed.  A good chunk of the Chalmersiz showed up in a party bus that was filled with fans, fireworks, and a screen printing set-up.  The Chalmersiz quickly took control of the game, with Priest Fontaine scoring inside-the-park home runs the first two times he kicked (but he also made the biggest defensive error of the game that allowed two or three runs).  Chalmersiz have one of the best offensive teams I’ve seen in action, we’ll see if they can keep the top spot in the John Brown Pool during next weeks Los Luchadores vs. Chalmersiz game. Brew Ballers are a tough team, but they couldn’t handle Captain Candy’s outside-the-pants underwear.  Lyons West saw one of the major upsets of the weekend, with Balls Deep falling to the Growlers.  I didn’t see this game so someone please write about it in the comments.  Then there is the game everybody is talking about this Monday morning, Girls with Low Self Esteem (aka Dirty Mike and the Boys) taking the 2010 KVKL champs (aka Los Luchadores) in the bottom of the ninth.  I was busy waiving an American flag for a good chunk of the game, and was pretty intoxicated by the end, so someone who was closer to the action please step in and write about this one in the comments.  Thanks to Los Luchadores, Dirty Mike, the streaker, the fireworks, and the U S of A for a great Fourth of July Weekend kickball event!  Another wonderful Sunday of kickball that our founding fathers would be proud of.


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus

P.S. The Hammerica Prize Pack contest will be announced after the two games that weren’t played Sunday have official scores.  Though, if you do the math it’s looking pretty good for Josh Hunt.