Monday Morning Kballers Unite

by Chris Ford

I just want to open this blog up to everyone to post about last night’s kickball action. I hear Yellow Sub and Pita Pit had an epic game in which PP went on a 5 run, 9th inning rally that started with 2 outs and the bases empty.  That’s legendary.  Anyone catch this game that could talk about how things unfolded?  I’d also love to hear more about the Eldridge upsetting Red Lyon in a tight one run game.  How about the Screamers jumping all over Rangelife?  And what an exciting GOTW between West Coast and Blue Collar!  Since we can’t see every game, it seems a collective effort is the best way to cover league action week to week. Feel free to summarize games you saw or played, outstanding players/plays, or just your favorite Cougar moment.