Monday Morning Kickballers UNITE! Week 8 Review

Good morning,

The first week of pool play is over! We saw a few close games, but most of them were won by large gaps.  Das Boot vs. The Star Bar Barracudas at Holcomb Left was the closest game of the night, with The Boot winning by a mere 2 runs.  I overheard a few details about this game before the Game of the Week was rained out, something about a Grand Slam, someone please chime in on the comments.  Four or more runs won the rest of the games this week.  The Chalmersiz had almost their full team back after losing to Slowride in Week 7, and the 18 to 3 score against the Replay reflects that.  Sacred Sword put the most points up on Pita Pit than anyone else has this season, and kept the Pit from scoring more than 10 points—no small feat.  Please let us know how your game went! Were you crushed? Did you play your best? How was the officiating? Does the score actually reflect how competitive the game was?


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus