Monday Morning – Week 1 Review

This portion of the blog will depend heavily on your comments, there are sixteen games played every week and I’m lucky if I get to see three.  Please feel free to describe whole games, great plays, bad calls, bad Cougar calls (HE WAS SAFE AT FIRST COUGAR!!!), and anything else that may be on your mind after a beautiful long hot Sunday of kickball fun.

What a fabulous way to start the season! The scores are up and it looks like half the games were blow outs.  This doesn’t seem unusual as teams ease back into the grind of Kaw Valley Kickball–the first few games are always an important time to make those small defensive and offensive adjustments that have a huge impact on a team’s performance.  The Late Fees had five players out-of-state, two injured, and another made a last minute switch to The Fightin’ Harpies, but we seemed to thrive in those constraints and took charge of the game early on.  Screamers dominated Free State Brewery for nearly the entire game with their perfect kicks and impenetrable defense, but The Grrrrrrrrrrrrrowlers have a team of solid kickers and had a ninth inning rally that brought them into a single digit deficit–too little, too late, but extremely fun to watch.  The Game of the Week was a low scoring defensive game between two great teams (The Goats vs. The Star Bar Barracudas).  Having the first GOTW has got to be the most stressful way to start the season and these teams handled it well.   What were your favorite or least favorite moments from last night? My favorite was the Game of the Week announcers, let’s keep those guys around.

Games I am particularly interested in hearing about: The Swarm vs. The Ghosts; Chalmersiz vs. Red Lyon; Tellers vs. Asteroid Head… any game, really.


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus